Free Jazz Event in Kanazawa

This guest post is by Sophie, a CIR in Kanazawa.

Jazz lovers, a great event is coming your way!

From the Kanazawa Citizen's Art Center website.

Sora o kakeru JAZZ”  (空を翔るJAZZ)
A collaboration between the Hamburg High School Jazz Ensemble from Buffalo, American sister city of Kanazawa, and Junior Jazz Orchestra Jazz-21 from Kanazawa.

November 23rd (Tuesday, a national holiday)
14:00-16:00 (seating starts at 13:30)
Kanazawa Citizens’ Art Center (金沢市民芸術村), Performing Square (パフォーミングスクエア)
25 minute walk from Kanazawa Station.

And the best part, it’s free!!

All you need to do is apply, either by the application form you can find at Kanazawa City Hall, the Kanazawa Citizens Art Center or other places in Kanazawa;
or by email: music AT arrow DOT ocn DOT jp (music department of Kanazawa Citizens Art Center).

Please give  your name (in katakana), address and phone number, email address and number of people attending.

Website (Japanese)

Hope to see you there!


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