AJET Charity Book Drive and Book Sale

Happy Thursday, everyone!
Here’s a message from our AJET Charity representative, Megan Lam. If you have any questions you can contact her via email at:  meganlam85 at gmail dot com. (unformatted for the sake of her spam box)
Because AJET does not have a budget and can’t offer any sort of funding for this great cause, we humbly ask for your used books.
The money raised from the Book Sale at IFIE’s International Festival, on November 3rd, will go towards the Ishikawa Orphanage Visits. Ishikawan JETs are currently involved with volunteering at two orphanages. The main orphanage is the Inamien Orphanage in Kaga and visits started this past March.
About the Inamien orphanage:
Inamien is situated in the onsen town of Katayamazu, in southern Ishikawa, and houses 60 children in total, from the ages of 2 to 18. Orphanages in Japan aren’t quite the same as those you might have seen in other countries or back home. Few of the children are technically “orphans” – it’s more likely that they come from single parent families, or households which struggle to cope with their needs. Some of the children may have learning difficulties or behavioral problems, but often they are just very sweet kids who are delighted to get some adult attention.
Proceeds from the Book Sale will go towards buying crafts and activities for the children in the future visits.
How you can help:
Please ask for books from your neighbors, co-workers, random strangers you meet on the street, because the International Festival patrons will be interested in books in English and Japanese (old and new). We are also taking DVDs and CDs, since somehow we ended up with a ton of those too. 

Here are some general dates you can drop-off books with Megan or at IFIE:

STARTING October 24th til November 3rd – Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange (IFIE)
Rifare 3rd Floor, Hon-machi 1-5-3
Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0853 

Rifare’s wroking hours: 08:30 to 08:00 (weekdays)
08:30 to 17:00 (weekend)
(You can address it to Rohan Ranade if it’s a parcel)

6-8pm at the Komatsu wine bar (Apertif) located across from the Komatsu Station
There’s Happy Hour during this time, so feel free to stop by for half off all drinks 

10/30/2010, Saturday
8pm-10pm @ Kabocha in Kanazawa (AJET HALLOWEEN PARTY)
Megan will collect books at the AJET party, all you have to do is drop them off with her before you start drinking. 😉

11/03/2010, Wednesday (National Culture Day – Holiday)
All Day @ the Book Sale in Rifare during IFIE’s International Festival
You can still drop off books on the day of the book sale. 😀

BOOKSALE (November 3rd)
IFIE’s International Festival
Please check out the books and DVDs available at the International Festival. Books will range from 100-300 yen. DVDs will range from 300-1000yen (sets). All proceeds will go towards the orphanage visits.
IFIE’s International Festival will be held at Rifare in Kanazawa (Across from the East Exit of Kanazawa Station)
Rifare, Hon-machi 1-5-3
Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-0853

Clean out your shelves in time for winter!


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