Haunted House Needs Scary Foreigners

By now, I’m sure some of you have been asked to organize or volunteer at at least one Halloween event or run a Halloween class. However, if you’re feeling festive and don’t have a place to scare Japanese children on the 30th, Komatsu’s International Association would love to have you!

KIA is throwing a big Halloween Party for the kids of Komatsu and its environs. We need some ALTs in costume to help out with the games, and–if we can get some more people–possibly a haunted house.

We know you have awesome costumes, great haunted house ideas, and probably some sweet Halloween props. Please put them to use–it’s only once a year!

The Halloween Party itself runs from 1 to 6 on Saturday the 30th, leaving you plenty of time to get to Kanazawa for the AJET get-together. (Komatsu is 30 minutes and not many yen away from Kanazawa Station.)

Set up will be very important for the tentative Haunted House, and we plan on doing that on the 29th in the early evening. Your creative ideas and awesome props would be appreciated–it might be the closest thing to a real Halloween these kids will experience, and we want to make it great.

If you’re interested, write me a keitai mail at laurena at softbank.

Lauren will buy you a drink if you volunteer and show. For reals.


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