Osugi Musical Theatre presents “Kokoro Yori”

Long-time Ishikawa resident, former JET and this year’s closing speaker for the ALT Mid-year Conference, Gart Westerhout, has produced another wonderful original musical with his troupe, The Osugi Musical Theatre.

This year’s production is called Kokoro Yori, based on the life of famous, female  haiku poet Chiyo-ni, a native of Edo-period Matto-shi (Hakusan City).  A brief description of the background and the play can be found here on the troupe’s website. Each year, the plays produced by Osugi Musical Theatre have a component of international exchange – from tengu dolls painted by artists from around the world, or thousands upon thousands of origami cranes folded and sent to the theater for use in the show and then transport to Sadako’s memorial in Hiroshima. For this show, people wrote and sent in haiku composed in many languages and some will be presented as part of the dialogue of the show.

Speaking of the show, there are numerous performances coming up! The first round will be in October at the troupe’s home theater in Osugi (Komatsu City), a small town in the absolutely breath-taking foothills of Hakusan.  There is a bus that runs up to the area from Komatsu train station, but it is best accessed by car.  Click here for a Google map to the location. The November performance will be at the Hakusan City Matto Bunkakaikan ( also the Hakusan International Salon location), which is about a block away from Matto train station.  Which is also conveniently near to the Chiyo-ni Museum next to the train station.  Both of which you can see from the station’s doors.

Here are the dates and times:

Osugi home shows on the left, Hakusan City shows on the right

Osugi Musical Theatre is troupe of both children and adults, Japanese and foreigners alike, who are always looking for hard-working volunteer crew members, sparkling cast members, and enthusiastic audience members for their numerous productions.  I’ve done this myself and has been one of the best experiences I’ve had in Japan. Please contact Gart to sign up to help or audition for the next show!



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