Kanazawa Light-Up Event

This guest post is by Sophie, a CIR in Kanazawa.

A very cool event is taking place in Kanazawa!!
The 6th Annual Kanazawa Akari to Hana no Komichi (金沢明かりと花の小道)(light-up-and-flower-streets event) will take place on Saturday, October 9, to Sunday, October 10, 18:00-21:00.
Admission is free!!

For English-speakers, there will be a Kanazawa Night Walk with English Guide!
3 tours per day: 18:30-/19:00-/19:30- (approximately 90-minutes’ walk).

There is a maximum of 20 participants per tour on a first-come-first-served basis on the days of the events at the meeting place.
Admission is free!

Start at Hikoso Ryokuchi Park (彦三緑地公園) near the Asano River. (Please come in advance to fill out your application).

At Hikoso Ryokuchi Park, there will also be a harp and ocarina live concert starting at 18:00.

At Kazuemachi (主計町), you can enjoy a shamisen and kokyu live concert at the same time.

On Sunday, October 10, 18:30-20:00, go to the Kanazawa Gramophone Museum (金 沢蓄音器館) for a hogaku (traditional Japanese) concert; at the Kanazawa Literature Museum (石川四高記念文化交流館) there will be reading of a novel accompanied by Japanese flute.

The Kanazawa Light-Up bus will also be going around (200 yen one-way).

For more details, please pick up a flyer at Kanazawa City Hall (金沢市役所), 4th floor, or at KIEF in Rifare (リファーレ), 2nd floor!

Pictures from past events at kimassi.net.

Hikoso Ryukuchi Koen 彦三緑地公園
Ishikawa-ken Kanazawa-shi Hikoso-machi 1-8

Kanazawa Gramophone Museum 蓄音機館
Ishikawa-ken Kanazawa-shi Owarichou 2-11-21

Modern Literature Museum 石川四高記念文化交流館
〒920-0962 石川県金沢市広坂2丁目2−5
920-0962 Ishikawa-ken Kanazawa-shi Hirosaku 2-2-5


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