Senmaida Light Up 2010 (千枚田あぜの万燈)

Sunset at the light-up. From the official website.

The annual Senmaida (thousand rice fields) Light-Up (Senmaida Aze no Mantoue 千枚田あぜの万燈) on Saturday, October 2, is one of the Noto’s best and most famous illumination events. Senmaida, a collection of 2000 rice paddies farmed by locals interested in growing their own rice, will be lit up with thousands of candles. The rice paddies are located on a sloping hill on the sea and are famous for being one of the most picturesque places in the Okunoto. The main event (illumination) will start around 19:00, but there will be taiko and other musical performances between 17:30 and 21:00.

More Information

17:00 UNESCO World Heritage Site Ceremony
17:30 Drum performance
17:50 Opening ceremony, lighting of candles
18:30 Gojinjou Taiko Performance (intangible cultural asset)
19:30 Handbell performance
19:50 Musical performance by USHIJIMA Ryuuta
21:00 Closing

By car
千枚田ポケットパーク 928-0256石川県輪島市白米町ハ−99
Senmaida Pocket Park 928-0256 Ishikawa-ken Wajima-shi Shiroyone HA-99


Public Transit
From Kanazawa

    Take the Hokutetsu (北鉄バス) Kanazawa-Wajima (金沢・輪島) bus to Wajima. The last return bus leaves at 18:05 from Wajima Station, so plan to spend the night in Wajima.

From Wajima

    Buses depart at 16:00 from three locations and go to Senmaida. The last buses back depart at 21:00. One-way: 200 yen.

  • Michi no Eki Wajima (道の駅輪島); 3 buses; 20 minutes
  • Marine Town (マリーンタウン); 3 buses; 15 minutes
  • Sosogi Furusato Learning Center (曽々木ふるさと体験実習館); 2 buses; 20 minutes

Official website (Japanese, with map)

General information on Senmaida (English) (Japanese, with map)


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