Participate in the Kanji Reading Assistance Experiment!

This guest post comes to us from Karl Rosvold, a former ALT and CIR (1993-6). Please help Karl with the research for his master’s thesis!

My name is Karl Rosvold. I was an ALT/CIR on the JET Programme in ’93-’96. I am currently doing a master’s degree at Tokyo University, and as part of my master’s thesis, I am conducting an online reading experiment targeted at foreigners who are learning Japanese. Some of you might have already read about my experiment in the Sept 1 national AJET newsletter, but I am still looking for several more participants. To participate, you must be a native or near-native English speaker, and “upper-beginner” or above in Japanese, which I am defining as having passed JLPT 3 (or the new JLPT N4). There are a few other conditions which you can see on the experiment website.

Registration will start around September 25th. To participate in the experiment, simply access the website and fill out a short questionnaire, then come back two more times, about a week apart to take two short Japanese reading comprehension tests, with or without hints about the kanji in the text. Each step should take about 30 minutes. Ideally I’d like people to participate because they feel the experiment is interesting and beneficial, but for people living in Japan, I am also offering a 2000 yen QUO gift card to the first 100 people who complete the whole experiment.

Please check out the temporary website for more information,, or feel free to e-mail me at kanji DOT experiment AT gmail DOT com.  Please note that  you saw this in the Ishikawa JET Blog!




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