Western ALT Soccer Tournament

UPDATE: Ishikawa AJET has decided to change over to the Western ALT Soccer Tournament rather than the Eastern ALT Soccer Tournament. Details are below.

So, in light of its alarming approach velocity, as well as the fact that many, many people have conflicts with the date, we have decided that it would probably be better to go to the Western ALT Soccer Tournament in Awaji in Hyogo-ken rather than the Eastern one in Nagano. The Awaji tournament is at the end of November, features reportedly slightly less of a “Space Jam” level talent imbalance, has a swimming beach, and will be a first-time experience for everybody.

New tourney date: November 20-21

New application deadline: Friday, October 22

Players, Friday & Saturday night: ¥16,500
Players, Saturday night only: ¥11,500
Supporters, Friday & Saturday night: ¥14,500
Supporters, Saturday night only: ¥9,500

This includes the hotel stay, transportation to the fields, meals, the Saturday night party events, and the participation fee.

Transportation to Awaji is arranged by us by carpool, so don’t worry about getting there.

Please let us know
1) If you’re playing or watching
2) How many nights you’re staying
3) Whether you need or can give a ride

There is unlimited space for player entries, and even if you’d rather not play, please come to support! It’s always a great weekend full of silliness, beautiful scenery, and good fun, and the looks from the other teams as an inflatable whale surfs over our wall of fans is priceless.

Western ALT Soccer Tournament

Ishikawa Sports (new website!)

For more information, contact Jon-Mark, one of the Ishikawa AJET Sports Representatives, at joverol AT gmail DOT com.


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