Kanazawa Horror Film Festival

Thanks to CIR Prefectural Advisor Rohan Ranade for the information!

Image from the official festival website.

Don’t look behind you–it’s time for the Kanazawa Horror Film Festival (カナザワ映画祭:世界怪談大会)!

Running from 17 – 24 September (Fri.-Fri.), the Horror Film Festival will feature horror films from Japan, the US, Hong Kong, China, and Korea.

Screenings will be held at Theatre 21 (シアター21) at the Kanazawa 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art and at Cine-monde, located on the 4th floor of KOHRINBO 109 mall.

Advance tickets are 1300 yen for one show and 3500 for three shows. That’s less than the 1800 yen the regular movie theaters in Ishikawa charge for tickets! The a ticket to one of the “talk shows” (panel discussions) is 2300 yen in advance (one ticket per show).

Advance tickets are available at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Hirosaka, Kanazawa, and at Cine-monde in Korinbo. Tickets for one show and the “talk show” will be available at the door for a slightly higher cost than the advance tickets. You may reserve tickets online (see the link below) and trade them in for paper tickets between 18-20 September in front of Theater 21 at the 21st Century Museum of Art. (Sort of like a limited will-call).

The schedule of the films is currently Japanese-only, but will be posted in English here.

For the Japanese films (1950-1999), Ringu seems to be the most famous abroad, but most films are before the time of J-horror’s overseas popularity. Unfortunately, these will be shown without subtitles (not even Japanese ones), but think of it as a chance to practice your listening!

The American films cover 1976-2005, with The Exorcist as the most famous, and Squirm, which was featured on Mystery Science Theater 3000, rounds the D-movie end of things. These will be shown in the original English with Japanese subtitles.

The (non-Japanese) Asian films have the fewest in show (4) but cover the most time (1937-2005); they will be shown with Japanese subtitles.

Have a spooky Silver Week!

More information

(English) (日本語)


Website (English) (日本語)

    21st Century Art Museum 金沢21世紀美術館
    Ishikawa-ken Kanazawa-shi Hirosaka 1-2-1
    Website (English) (日本語)
    Cine-monde シネモンド
    石川県金沢市香林坊2-1-1 KOHRINBO 109.4F Tel:.076-220-5007
    Ishikawa-ken Kanazawa-shi Kourinbou 2-1-1; KOHRINBO 109, 4th floor
    Website (Japanese only・日本語)


On Foot
From Kanazawa Station, walk to Korinbo (香林坊) (25 minutes); Cine-monde is in the KOHRINBO 109 shopping mall; for the museum; head left toward Hirosaka (広坂) (30 minutes from station). Map.

By Bus
Kanazawa City Buses
Take one of the buses departing from Kanazawa Station: East Entrance (東口) terminals 7-10 or West Entrance (西口) terminal 4. Get off at Korinbo (香林坊) (10 min.). Those going to the Museum will have to walk for about 5 minutes.

Hirosaka-machi Kanazawa Excursion Bus (城下まち金沢周遊バス)
From the East Entrance terminal 3, take the bus to
Museum: Hirosaka (Ishiura Jinja-mae) (広坂[石浦神社前]) (20 min.)
Cine-monde: Korinbo #7 (Nichigin-mae) (香林坊⑦[日銀前]) (30 min.)

Machi Bus (まちバス)
From East Entrance terminal 5, take the bus to
Museum: the 21st Century Museum of Art/Kenrokuen (金沢21世紀美術館・兼六園) (20 min.)
Cine-monde: Kohrinbo 109/Nichigin-mae (KOHRINBO109・日銀前). (23 min.)

Kenrokuen Shuttle Bus
From East Entrance terminal 6, take the bus to
Museum: Hirosaka (21st Century Museum of Art) (広坂[金沢21世紀美術館前] (20 min)
Cine-monde: Korinbo (Atorio-mae) (香林坊[アトリオ前]) (8 min) or Korinbo (Nichigin-mae) (香林坊[日銀前) (22 min)

Leah Zoller is a second-year CIR and the editor of this blog. Her favorite Japanese horror films include Onibaba(「鬼婆」, 1964) and Kairo (「回路」, 2005).


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