Sign Up for the December 2010 Japanese Language Proficiency Test

It’s that time again, language learners!

Result of the July 2010 JLPT will be mailed on September 3, 2010. While all of us N1, N2, and N3 testees collectively try not to throw up, now is the time to plan for the next test!

How to Apply
Registration for the December 5, 2010, JLPT started on August 27, 2010. The postmark deadline is Friday, October 1st, 2010. While the July test is only levels N1, N2, and N3, the December test covers all levels, including N4 and N5.

To register, buy a registration packet from a participating bookstore for 500 yen.

    Kinoshinbo-machi 1-1 (in JR Kanazawa Station, 1st floor, at the end of the “Trend” hall of shops トレンド館)
    Beans–we always have mixed info on Beans; reports are that they are not selling them this time.
    5-158 Kuratsuki
    On the 60/Kencho road; applications are on the 2nd floor.
    1-1-30 Hirosaka, Kanazawa-shi
    This is close to the 21st Century Art Museum and Kanazawa Castle in Hirosaka.
    1-1-1 Korinbou, Kanazawa-shi
    Korinbou-location Daiwa, 7th floor

Fill out the forms and include a passport-style photo of yourself taken within the last six months. The cost is 5500 yen. The registration packet has multi-lingual instructions on how to pay via the post office.

The test site information will be mailed to registered participants around November 12, 2010.

About the Test
Why take the test?
Certification can aid you in a number of things. First, you will have a goal towards which to study, whether you are a beginner or a semi-pro. Second, taking the lower levels of the test will help you learn how to take the test; the upper levels of the test (N1 and N2) are useful for job applications in Japan-related fields. Certification will look good on your grad school applications, as well.

The Test
The test will take place on Sunday, December 5, 2010. In Ishikawa, the test site has usually been Hokuriku Daigaku, which is near Kanazawa; special buses will run from Kanazawa Station to the test site.

This information is translated from the JEES Website (Japanese). The times of test and breakdown of the sections are listed here.

Please note that the test format of the 2010 tests is different from the 2009 and prior tests. There are books explaining the new format and new styles of questions available. Although they are not full practice tests, the books will help you get used to the new style of questions.

Guide to the new N1, N2, N3, N4. does not appear to be selling a guide to the N5; links would be appreciated.

For study guides, search “日本語能力試験” on or ask for nihongo nouryoku shiken books at bookstores. Beans, the large bookstore on the Kencho Road (60) in Kanazawa has a good selection of JLPT prep books. Just be sure you’re practicing with the new format!

For more information on the JLPT and the 2010 changes, see
“Changes to the 2010 JLPT” (Ishikawa JET)

The official JLPT Site, which has information on the new test (English)

The official JEES site (English) (Japanese)

Leah Zoller is a second-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. 石川県のJET参加者、一緒にあくまで頑張るぞ!


3 thoughts on “Sign Up for the December 2010 Japanese Language Proficiency Test

  1. How strict do you think they are about the photo taken in the last 6 months part? I still have extras of the ones I took in September/October for last December’s JLPT and I’d rather not have to plunk down 7 bucks for another set…

  2. I’m not sure, but I would get new ones just to be on the safe side. I’m a bit paranoid about that kind of stuff.

  3. Just a note, Beans does NOT have the applications or they sold out quickly and they didn’t reorder. They offer to order more, but it will take two weeks to deliver to the store. Just go to the bookstore in KZ station.

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