ALT Eastern Japan Soccer Tournament

This event has been canceled. Ishikawa Sports will now be participating in the Western Soccer Tournament. Click here for details.

This guest post is by Jon-Mark Overvold, the Ishikawa AJET Sports Chair and an ALT in Nanao.

And Pisa bids us speak aloud, for from her come to men songs of divine assignment, when the just judge of games the Aitolian man, fulfilling Herakles’ behests of old, hath laid upon one’s hair above his brows pale-gleaming glory of olive.

-Team Rocket, Pokemon Episode #245 “NBA Finals”

Held twice yearly in sunny Sugadaira, Nagano, the ALT Eastern Japan Soccer Tournament brings men’s and women’s teams from all over Eastern Japan to compete in a mostly friendly two-day brawl. Historically, that is, last year, the Ishikawa men began the tradition of getting devastatingly served by the other teams, but having the best parties before and after the games. The two phenomena may be related. The girls, however, took home third-place in the tourney, and first in our hearts!

This year’s event takes place October 2nd and 3rd. There is unlimited space for player entries, and even if you’d rather not play, please come to support! It’s always a great weekend full of silliness, beautiful scenery, and good fun, and the looks from the other teams as an inflatable whale surfs over our wall of fans is priceless.


Players staying Friday and Saturday night: 17,000 yen
Players staying only Saturday night: 12,000 yen
Supporters staying Friday and Saturday night: 15,000 yen
Supporters staying only Saturday night: 12,000 yen

This includes the hotel stay, transportation to the fields, meals, the Saturday night party events, and the participation fee.
Transportation to Nagano is arranged by us by carpool, so don’t worry about getting there.

The application for our team is due September 18, pretty soon.

So please let us know by September 16 if:

1) You’re playing or watching
2) How many nights you’re staying
2) Whether you need or can give a ride

We’ll have some outdoor practices very shortly (like, this Sunday, Aug. 28) so people can try their legs out out a little before making a decision, and more information about that in the coming week! Of course, if you already have a ball and a place to kick it, no harm starting a bit early.

Extra information:

If you have any questions, please contact Jon-Mark at jovervol AT gmail DOT com.


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