Summer Festival Season: August 16-22

We’re in the home stretch of summer festival season!

1.Kanakura Illumination Event 金蔵万燈会, Wajima; Aug. 16

2.Sosogi Grand Festival曽々木大祭; Wajima; Aug. 17

3.Katayamazu Onsen Hot Water Festival 片山津温泉湯のまつり, Kaga Onsen; Aug. 20-22

4.Kabuto-hiki-fune Festival 甲曳き舟祭り; Anamizu; Aug. 21

5.Sakami Festival 酒見祭; Shika; Aug. 21

1. 金蔵万燈会 Kanakura Mantoue

Aug. 16 (Mon.)

Photo from the Wajima City Website.


Ishikawa-ken Wajima-shi Machino-machi Kanakura

Begins at sunset (around 7 pm)

Over 20,000 candles will be light at this illumination event. The swaying of the flames of the candles in the breeze and the performance of traditional instruments creates a magical atmosphere. This event is held near the Kanakura Gogoji 金蔵五ヶ寺, a group of five temples in Wajima.


By car:


Public transit:

Take the Hokutetsu Okunoto bus from Wajima Station (輪島駅) to Machino (町野). 30 minute walk.

More information

Wajima City Website

2. 曽々木大祭 Sosogi Taisai

Aug. 18 (Tues.)

Photo from

石川県輪島市町野町曽々木  窓岩ポケットパーク

Ishikawa-ken Wajima-shi Machino-machi Sosogi; Madoiwa Pocket Park

A kiriko festival with taiko drummingand fireworks.


By car:

Free parking for up to 100 cars near the festival.

Public transit:

Take the Hokutetsu (北鉄バス) Kanazawa-Wajima (金沢・輪島) bus to Wajima Station 輪島駅. Transfer to the Hokutetsu Okunoto bus (北鉄奥能登バス); get off at Sosogi-guchi (曽々木口).

This bus also runs from Yanagida 柳田. From Suzu, take the Iida-Sosogi bus (飯田・曽々木) to Sosogi. Ten minute walk from the bus stop.

More information

3. 片山津温泉湯のまつり Katayamazu Onsen Yu no Matsuri

Aug. 20-22 (Fri-Sun.)

Image from Mapple


Ishikawa-ken Kaga-shi Katayamazu Onsen Souyuu-mae Hiroba

A festival to celebrate the onsen. Features fireworks, dancing, and mikoshi (portable shrines) representing the Heike and Genji clans.

Fireworks: 21:00-21:50


By car:


Free parking at Kohan Park (湖畔公園) and at Katayamazu Assembly Hall (片山津地区会館).

Public transit:

Take the JR Hokuriku Line (JR北陸本線) from Kanazawa Station to Kaga Onsen (加賀温泉駅). 15 minutes by taxi to the festival site.

More information



4. 甲曳き舟祭り Kabuto-hiki-fune Matsuri

Aug. 21 (Sat.) 8:30~

From the Anamizu town website

〒927-0211  石川県鳳珠郡穴水町字甲ハ −81

927-0211 Ishikawa-ken Housu-gun Anamizu-machi Aza Kabuto HA-81

Held at Kabuto Hiko Shrine (加夫刀比古神社) and the nearby beach, this festival is held to pray for a good catch for the year. Around 8:30 am, mikoshi, portable shrines, are set on boats and patrol the waters. The boats are decorated with large banners and taiko drums and bells are played.



By car:

From the south, take the 249 through Anamizu toward Noto-cho/Suzu. Turn onto the 34. From the north, take the 249 toward Anamizu and turn onto the 34 near Ukawa (鵜川).

Public transit:

This location is quite far from Anamizu Station and is not on one of the bus lines. Going by car is recommended.

More information


5. 酒見祭り Sakami Matsuri

Aug. 21 (Sat.)

Photo from Matsuri Aijyu


Ishikawa-ken Hakui-gun Shika-machi Sakami Ohtsubo 146

A kiriko festival lead by people dressed as tenguu, Japan’s long-nosed goblin, and in demon masks.


By car:

Take the 249 from Wajima or Hakui or the 57 from Anamizu; turn onto the 49.

Public transit:

Take the JR Nanao Line (JR七尾線) to Hakui Station (羽咋駅) and transfer to the Kanazawa-Monzen Hokutetsu bus (北鉄バス) OR take the Kanazawa-Monzen bus from Kanazawa directly to Togi. At Togi, (富来駅), transfer to the Togi-Monzen bus (富来門前外浦線)  and get off at Sakami (酒見). Or, take the Togi-Monzen bus directly from Mozen or Togi to Sakami..

More information


Pictures from 2006


Leah Zoller is a second-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. Next week marks the end of the Summer Festival Season series!

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