Summer Festival Season: August 10-14

Floats shaped like boats! Songs of the salt farmers! The most romantic festival at the most romantic temple in Ishikawa! A kiriko festival with all-female participants, and more! Don’t miss out on the Noto’s fabulous summer festivals!

1. Mountain King Festival 山王祭 (Minazuki Festival 皆月祭), Monzen (Wajima); Aug. 10-11
2. Sunatoribushi Festival 砂取節まつり, Suzu; Aug. 13
3. Heart-binding Festival 心むすび祭, Hakui; Aug. 13-14
4. Western Sea Festival 西海祭り, Shika; Aug. 14
5. Shinguu Summer Evening Festival 新宮納涼祭, Nakanoto (Nanao); Aug. 14

1. 山王祭 Sanou-sai (皆月祭 Minazuki-sai)

From the Wajima city website

Aug. 10 (Tues.), 16:00-20:00
Aug. 11 (Weds.), 14:00-18:00

石川県輪島市門前町 皆月日吉神社
Ishikawa-ken Wajima-shi Monzen-machi Minazuki Hiyoshi Jinja

Bamboo, colored streamers, and paper lanterns adorn the boat-shaped festival floats of this fishing festival in Wajima, held to pray for a good catch.

By car:
Ishikawa-ken Wajima-shi Monzen-machi Minazuki So-103

The shrine is on the 266.
Map (from ANA Tabidachi’)

Public transit:

Take the Hokutetsu Kanazawa-Monzen bus bound for Monzen (門前); get off at Monzen. Transfer to the Okunoto bus bound for Minazuki (皆月); get off at the last stop. (Bus schedule: opens a pdf)

More information
Wajima City Website

2. 砂取節まつり  Sunatoribushi Matsuri

Aug. 13 (Fri.), 19:00-21:00 (same day every year)

Ishikawa-ken Suzu-shi Matsunagi-machi

This festival has been designated as an intangible cultural asset by Ishikawa prefecture and originates from the songs sung by the laborers at the Agehama Salt Field. Events include folk songs (minyou 民謡), kiriko, the local Bon Odori, a Yosakoi Soran performance, and fireworks.

By car:
927-1304 石川県珠洲市馬緤町
927-1304 Ishikawa-ken Suzu-shi Matsunagi-machi
(on the 28)

Parking for 20 cars at the Shizen Taiken Mura Center(自然休養村センター)
(Enlarge the Hot-Ishikawa map linked below)

Public transit:
5-minute walk from the Matsunagi (馬緤) bus stop. To get here, take the Otani B bus from Sosogi–guchi (曽々木口) in Wajima.

More information
Hot-Ishikawa (includes map)
Noto Hantou (detailed schedule)

3. 心むすび祭 Kokoro Musubi Matsuri

Image from the Keta Taisha Blog

Aug. 13-14 (Fri. & Sat.)

Main festival: 8:30~21:00 (both days)
Light-up: 18:00~ (both days)

Ishikawa-ken Hakui-shi Keta Taisha (Keta Grand Shrine)

The Keta Grand Shrine deals in matters of the heart and is Ishikawa’s best place to wish for love and happiness. This festival includes free fortune-telling and free ceremonies to ward off evil spirits. At night, there will be a romantic light-up.

The light up will be canceled if it rains.

By car:
〒925-0003 石川県羽咋市寺家町ク1
925-0003 Ishikawa-ken Hakui-shi Jike-machi Ku-1

Public transit:
Take the JR Nanao Line (JR七尾線) to Hakui Station (羽咋). Transfer to the Hokutetsu bus bound for Takahama and Togi (高浜、富来). This is the same bus as the Kanazawa-Monzen Hokutetsu bus, which also runs from Kanazawa. In either case, get off at Ichinomiya (一の宮); 5-minute walk.

More information
Keta Taisha’s official website (Japanese)
Hot-Ishikawa’s blurb on the shrine (English)
Hakui City website (general information and a map)

4. 西海祭り Saikai Matsuri

Image from

Aug. 14 (Sat.), 18:00-24:00

Ishikawa-ken Hakui-gun Shika-machi Kaisai Jinja

Like most kiriko festivals on the coast, this festival is to pray for a good catch for the year. The Saikai Matsuri’s draw, however, is that the kiriko are traditionally carried by women, which is very rare in Japan. The women who shoulder the kiriko wear distinctive costumes.

By car:
Ishikawa-ken Hakui-gun Shika-machi Saikai Kazanashi
Map (from ANA’s Tabidachi site)

Parking at Togi Harbor (富来漁港). Please do not park on the farm roads.

Public transit:
Take the JR Nanao Line (JR七尾線) to Hakui Station (羽咋駅) and transfer to the Kanazawa-Monzen Hokutetsu bus (北鉄バス) OR take the Kanazawa-Monzen bus from Kanazawa directly to Togi. At Togi, (富来駅), transfer to the Togi-Monzen bus (富来門前外浦線)  and get off at Kazanashi (風無). Or, take the Togi-Monzen bus directly from Mozen or Togi to Kazanashi.

More information
ANA Tabidachi

Festival route map (

5. 新宮納涼祭 Shinguu Nouryou-sai

From NanaOh! Net

Aug. 14 (Sat.)

七尾市中島町藤瀬, 藤津比古神社
Nanao-shi Nakajima-machi Fujinose, Fujitsuhiko Jinja

A festival to pray for a successful harvest. Features kiriko and traditional songs.

By car:
Ishikawa-ken Nanao-shi Nakajima-machi Fujinose 3-129-1
Map of the shrine  (linked from NanaOh! Net)

Some parking available at the shrine.

Public transit:
10-minute drive from Noto Nakajima Station (能登中島駅) on the Noto Tetsudou (能登鉄道).

More information
NanaOh! Net
Nanao city website blurb

Leah Zoller is a second-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog, where it’s all festivals, all the time this summer. Have you been to one of the festivals we covered? If so, leave a comment so we can better improve our coverage!


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