Restaurant Review: Marchen Bakery

While Flatt Bakery’s in Noto-cho is probably the Oku-Noto’s most famous bakery, Anamizu’s Marchen Bakery (Meruhen Behkarii メルヘンベーカリー), also has an excellent selection of baked goods, including bread that isn’t the dreaded 食パン (shokupan).

View from the corner of the 役場口 intersection.

The bakery has fair-sized selection of fresh baked goods of both the Japanese variety (anpan); fusion pastries (anpan croissant); and more Western-style fares (raisin bread; rye bread). I recommend their カレーパン (kareh pan); anything with their chocolate ganache in it; and the ring cakes filled with cheese. Honestly, everything is really good there, and the staff is very friendly.

The rye bread ライ麦パン (rai mugi pan) and rotating selection of whole-grain/non-white breads are located by the side-entrance next to all the longer loaves of white bread (shokupan). The selection is, obviously, best early in the day–drop by Saturday morning on your way north or south!

Totoro-shaped chocolate-ganache-filled pastry

More information

Closed Sundays.
Open from about 7 am to 7 pm.

Also sells juice and coffee; has a few tables for customers eating in the shop.

Ishikawa-ken Housu-gun Anamizu-machi Kawashima KI-115
Tel. 0768-52-2511

At the corner of the 役場口 (yakuba-guchi; entrance to the town hall) intersection. (This intersection used to be the 山城 Yamashiro intersection, and is marked as such on older maps.)

Located at the (new) 役場口 intersection in central Anamizu

Train: Take the Noto Tetsudo (のと鉄道) from Nanao (七尾)to Anamizu (穴水). Anamizu is the last stop. From the station, turn right and walk toward the temple. At the temple, cross the street and walk towards Iroha (いろは) and the 役場口 intersection. The bakery is the building after Iroha. The walk takes about five minutes.

Bus: Take the Hokutetsu bus to Anamizu (from Wajima 輪島 or Kanazawa 金沢). Get off at Anamizu Kunogi 穴水此の木. At the Kunogi intersection, walk into central Anamizu (away from the shopping center and toward the Esso station). Walk along the main road toward central Anamizu/Anamizu Town Hall 穴水町役場 for about 15-20 minutes.

Driving: Take the 249 or the 1 into central Anamizu to the 役場口 intersection. Free parking lot in back next to Iroha Grocery (いろはストアー) (toward the back of the store front; turn left or right to wrap around the corner where the bakery is).

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and finding rye bread makes her absurdly happy.


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