Summer Illuminations: 29 July – 8 August

1. Kanazawa Illumination and Craft Fair; Kanazawa, July 29-Aug. 1
2. A Summer’s Night’s Tale of Koiji, Koiji Beach (Noto); Aug. 8
3. Hometown Summer Festival in Masuhogaura; Shika; Aug. 8

1. Kanazawa Touryoue

July 29- Aug.1 (Thurs. – Sun)

金沢市 浅野川

Come to Kanazawa for this light-up event, which features a craft fair and lantern art.

Light-up and handmade kiriko: July 29 – 31; 19:00-21:00
Craft exhibition July 29-31 11:00-21:00; August1(日) 11:00~17:00
Kuboichi Concert: July 30, 19:30-20:40; July 31, 19:30-20:45

By car:
Pay-parking for 14 cars at Higashiyama Kahan Sight-seeing Parking (東山河畔観光駐)

By bus
Take the #32 bus bound for Naruwa (鳴和) from Kanazawa station; get off at Hashibachou (橋場町).

More information
Kanazawa Touryoue Site

2. 夏の夜の恋路物語 Natsu no Yoru no Koiji Monogatari


August 8 (Sat.) 18:00-21:00

Noto-cho Koiji Kaigan

This event takes place in the area around Koiji, which is famous for the tale of the lovers Nabeno and Tsukesaburo. Another man loved Nabeno, and so he tricked Tsukesaburo into jumping into the sea, where he drowned. Nabeno, upon discovering what happened, drowned herself as well. This illumination even is supposed to comfort the ghosts of Nabeno and Tsukesaburo, and features 5000 candles, 1000 additional lanterns, food stalls, and a concert.

By car:
From the south: Take the 249 north toward Noto and Suzu; stay on the 249 and turn at the松波鵜島バイパス Matsunami-Ushima By-pass (there are bilingual signs).

From the north: Take the 26 to the 249. Turn right at the松波鵜島バイパス Matsunami-Ushima By-pass.

By bus:
Take the Hokutetsu Kanazawa-Ushitsu bus bound for Iida Parking Lot (飯田車庫) and get off at Koiji Hama (恋路浜). (The next bus will be the next morning.)

More information

Map and general information from Hot-Ishikawa
The legend (Japanese) and pictures of the light-up

3. ふるさと夏まつりin増穂浦 Furusato Natsu Matsuri in Masuhogaura

August 8 (Sat.) 17:00-22:00

Shika-machi Michi no Eki Togi Kaigairou

See “The World’s Longest Bench” (世界一長いベンチ) lit up in this illumination event.

By car:
〒925-0447 石川県羽咋郡志賀町富来領家町タ−2−11
925-0447 Ishikawa-ken Hakui-gun Shika-machi Togi Ryouke-machi Ta-2-11

(Off the 249)

Public transit:
From Kanazawa or the JR Hakui station, take the Monzen-Kanazawa 門前-金沢) Hokutetsu bus (北鉄バス) to Ryoukemachi (領家口).

More information
Area information and map

Noto Style

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. Stay tuned for more information about August festivals and events!


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