Summer Illuminations: July 24-31

Experience the magic of the Noto’s illumination events this summer!

  1. Misogigawa Festival 御祓川まつり, Nanao; July 24
  2. Noto Peninsula Northernmost Illumination 能登半島最北端の灯り, Suzu; July 24
  3. The Eve of the Tale of Orihime Summer Festival 織姫夏ものがたり前夜祭, Nakanoto; July 30

1.Misogigawa Matsuri 御祓川まつり

July 24 (Saturday) 15:00-20:30

御祓川七尾市生駒町地内 仙対橋~泰平橋の御祓川左岸道路

Misogigawa Nanao-shi Ikoma-chou

Along the left-hand side of the Misogigawa River at Sentai-bashi and Taiheibashi bridges

A purification ritual to pray to the river, this festival features a stunning lantern-float on the Misogigawa River.


15:00    Opening taiko performance

16:00     Nanao Shopping-District Association’s Tent City

17:30     Misogigawa Festival starts (cleansing ceremony, purification ritual)

18:00     Candle lighting

18:30     One-woman show: Yasuki Hiroko in “Silent Mononobe”

20:00    Prayers to the River Concert and candle-float

20:30     Fireworks


By train:

Take the Noto Tetsudo 能登鉄道 from the north or the JR Nanao Line JR (七尾本線) from the south (both toward Nanao 七尾). Get off at Nanao Station (七尾駅). 5-minute walk from Nanao Station.

By bus:

Take the Hokutetsu Kanazawa-Nanao bus (北鉄バス) to Nanao-eki mae 七尾駅前. 5-minute walk from Nanao Station.

By car:

There is a parking lot facing Nanao City Hall 七尾市役所; no charge after 8 pm. 5-minute walk.

More information

Nanao’s city website

2. Noto Hantou Saihokutan no Akari 能登半島最北端の灯り


July 24 (Saturday) 18:30-20:00


Suzu-shi Roushi-machi Rokkozaki Toudai (Rokkozaki Lighthouse)

This illumination event takes place at the northern-most point of Ishikawa, Rokkozaki Lighthouse. Over 4000 candles in lanterns will be lit.


While there are buses that go to Suzu from the south, the Lighthouse is only accessible by car.

More information

Impressions of last year’s festival at Notonoroshi.

3. The Eve of the Tale of Orihime Summer Festival 織姫夏ものがたり前夜祭

July 30 (Friday), 18:30-20:30

中能登町 レクトピアパーク
Nakanoto-machi Rekutopia Park

The 5000 candles lighting the trees give this illumination event the appearance of the Milky Way, called the River of Heaven (天の川) in Japanese, where the weaver princess Orihime can meet her lover Hikoboshi just once a year during Tanabata season if the weather is clear. The soft light candles mirroring the stars in the sky is the perfect compliment to the romance of Tanabata season.


By car:

〒929-1721 石川県鹿島郡中能登町井田ほ部25番
929-1721 Ishikawa-ken Kashima-gun Nakanoto-machi Ida HO-25


Behind the Kashima AL Plaza アルプラザ鹿島

By train:

Take the JR Nanao Line (JR七尾線)to Yoshikawa (良川). 25-minute walk.

By bus:

Take the Kanazawa-Nanao Hokutetsu bus (see schedule on right ) to Kashima Chousha Mae (鹿島庁舎前)。5-minute walk.

More information

Noto Style


Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. Stay tuned to the Ishikawa JET Blog for more illuminations this summer.


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