Summer Festival Season: July 20-25

Summer festival season continues with some of  Ishikawa’s non-standard kiriko!

1. Iida Toroyama Matsuri 飯田燈籠山祭り, Suzu; July 20-21
2. Shiotsu Bonfire Love Festival 塩津かがり火恋祭り, Nakajima, Nanao; July 24
3. Neagari Tanabata Festival 根上七夕祭り, Nomi; July 24
4. Doiyasa Festival どいやさ祭り, Noto-machi; July 24
5. Matsunami Doll Kiriko Festival 松波人形キリコ祭り, Matsunami, Noto-cho; July 25

1. Iida Toroyama Matsuri 飯田燈籠山祭り

From the Toroyama Blog

July 20-21 (Tues/Weds)

Ishikawa-ken Suzu-shi Iida-machi

This festival features beautiful lacquered floats standing at an average of 8 meters tall. The lacquered floats are all quite different and represent each town in Iida-machi. The pride of the festival is the Toroyama, the general float, which is topped with one of the seven gods. Click here to see how the float topper was constructed.

Tues. 7/20
14:00 Festival begins at the Kasuga Shrine 春日神社
14:30-23:00 Floats departs from locations marked with #2 and proceed on-route (see maps for locations and times)
17:30-18:30 Dancing at 今町 (Ima-machi) stage
22:00 Fireworks
23:00 Festival ends

Wed. 7/21
12:00 Festival begins again at the Ohmachi intersection大町交差点
12:10-00:30 Floats are carried on the parade route (see map) through town

By bus:
Take the Kanazawa-Suzu bus from Kanazawa Station or Anamizu Kunogi; get off at Iida Parking Lot 飯田車庫. 15 minute walk.

By car:
Google Map: Waku Waku Hiroba

More information

Map of the parade route for July 20
Map of the parade route for July 21

Festival blog

2. Shiotsu Bonfire Love Festival 塩津かがり火恋祭り

From Nanaoh! Net

July 24 (Saturday) (every 4th Saturday of July)

Ishikawa-ken Nanao-shi Nakajima-machi

A summer kiriko festival on the Shiotsu Beach of Nanao; on this one summer night, the god of the mountains and the goddess of the sea, represented by two shrines with lanterns, have a romantic meeting at sea. The mountain god departs from Himen Jinja日面神社, which is closer to the train station, at 19:00; at the same time, the sea goddess departs from唐島神社. The main part of the festival is at 21:00, when the two meet in the bay.

By car: Take the Noto Toll Road 能登有料 and take the Tokudaotsu exit徳田大津. Free parking for 50 cars in the lot by Shiotsu Swimming-Beach Bathhouse塩津海水浴場 and for 100 cars in the Kaken Basho 観賢場所.

By train: Take the Noto Tetsudo and get off at Kasashiho Station 笠師保駅. 10 minute walk. The mountain god’s shrine, the Himen Jinja日面神社, is closer to the station.

Map and Schedule (Japanese, pdf)

3. Neagari Tanabata Festival 根上り七夕まつり

From the Yomiuri Shinbun (2006).

July 24 (Saturday)
Ishikawa-ken Nomi-shi, near the Neagari General Cultural Center (Neagari Sougou Bunkan Kaikan)
Tanabata is the seventh day of the seventh month, so it is currently recognized on July 7. Different areas may celebrate Tanabata and Obon according to their dates on the old calendar, so both festivals are celebrated through July and August. In this festival, colorful “jumbo Tanabata decorations” 18 meters in height decorate the night sky.
By car:
〒929-0113石川県能美市大成町ヌ −118

Neagari Sougou Bunka Kaikan

929-0113 Ishikawa-ken Nomi-shi Taisei-machi NU-118
By train:
From Kanazawa, take the JR Hokuriku Line JR北陸本線 toward Tsuruga 敦賀 (45 minutes; 400 yen). Or, from Kaga, take the JR Hokuriku Line JR北陸本線 from Daishoji Station 大聖寺 toward Kanazawa (45 minutes; 400 yen).
Get off at Terai 寺井. 10 minute walk.
More information
IAA Secretariat (English ) (Japanese)

4.  Matsunami Ningyou Kiriko Matsuri 松波人形キ リコ祭り

From the Noto Town Website

July 24(Saturday) (always the 4th Saturday of July)
This festival features a parade of kiriko with a historical theme.

松波神社 〒927-0602石川県鳳珠郡能登町字松波 28−22
Matsunami Shrine 927-0602 Ishikawa Housu-gun Noto-cho Matsunami 28-22

More information
A description of a previous year’s festival.

Photos from the Noto town website.

5. Doiyasa Matsuriどいやさ祭 り

From the Noto town website.

July 24 (Sat.) 21:00-24:00 (always the 4th weekend of July)

Ishikawa-ken Housu-gun Noto-machi Hime

This summer festival at Noto-machi’s Suwa Jinja features the sode-kiriko (sleeve kiriko), a kind of kiriko with a distinctive shape different than that of the style seen in most Noto festivals. The climax of the festival occurs when the sode-kiriko are taken to the harbor and placed on sculling boats; the kiriko are pulled around in the harbor to wish for a good fishing season. The light of the sode-kiriko on the surface of the water is stunning and the highlight of the festival.

More information
Noto Green Tourism
General information from last year
Sode-Kiriko pictures on Noto-machi’s website

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. She is determined to translate the information for as many summer events as possible. 諦めない!


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