Summer Illuminations: Hydrangeas in Noto-cho

Hydrangea Path Illumination (あじさい花灯り回廊)

Picture from’s page on the hydrangeas of Byoudou-ji

Sunday, July 11, 2010

928-0322 石川県鳳珠郡能登町寺分2字116
928-0322 Ishikawa Housu-gun Noto-cho Terabun 2-116 at Byoudou-ji (near Yanagida 柳田)


“The best time to see the orchid-colored hydrangeas of Byoudou-ji, the Hydrangea Temple, is at the illumination. Come experience the magic of the flowers floating above the soft candle-light.”

This illumination at平等寺 Byoudou-ji features 4000 bushes of 130 varieties of hydrangeas lit up by 3000 lanterns.

More information

6 pm Garden path opens
7 pm Taiko performance
8 pm Minyou (folk song) performance by Sugiyama Teietsu
9 pm Garden path closes

By car: Take the Noto Airport road (303) to the 57; turn onto the road to Terabun 寺分. (I suggest inputting the address listed above into google maps.)

Public transit: Take either Hokutetsu KanazawaSuzu bus to Tenzaka 天坂. Walk for 20 minutes to Byoudou-ji 平等時。People heading back toward Suzu will be able to get there and back, but the buses to Kanazawa stop before the festival.

More information
Noto-cho’s official website (Japanese)

Pictures of the hydrangeas from

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. She is on a quest to provide information in English for as many summer events as possible–even if it kills her. Stay tuned to the blog for more information about upcoming summer festivals and illumination events!


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