Himito “Peel Art” Cafe

Photo: Himito Cafe Website

One of our 3rd year JETs pointed out this interesting “Peel Art” Cafe, located in Kanazawa along on the Saigawa River.

Shunkou Saida, the owner of Himito Cafe, grew up in Ishikawa and felt inspired and connected to the simple peels of fruit.  She created an art form that she decided to call “Peel Art”.

The PEEL ART is a creative work using the peels of fruits
and vegetables as the main materials.
Although a peel is “the skin of a fruit,” I see it in a broad sense as
the support and protection of the fruit’s life.
By thinking in this way has widened my choices of materials I can work with.

Not only the peels of mandarin oranges, apples, bananas,
but also skins of onions, eggshells, calyxes of roses and stems
of grapes have joined in my PEEL ART as good companion.

Looking steadily at the plain beauty of the fruit, I try to draw out all its charms, the life itself of the fruit, in my work,
therefore the PEEL ART can be called “The art of looking at life.”

The PEEL ART is my proposal for women to enjoy a different life after
completing their first role as a mother by polishing
their sensibility up with the five senses and enriching
the sensuous mind just like fruits and vegetables can transform
themselves to be a beautiful work of the PEEL ART after finishing their first role as a food.

I have real pleasures helping out with their “beautiful rebirth”
through my PEEL ART.

This is a special cafe where they serve only herbal tea.  You can also have a trial and learn how to carve orange peels yourself and make some original creations — a useful party trick (and also a seriously unique opportunity).  The cost is 1,500 yen (including the tea).  Just make sure the sensei is in, otherwise you’ll just have her husband there running the show.

Go try it for yourself!  Just before leaving downtown Kanazawa, turn left on the street just before the Blue Bridge.  Walk about 4 blocks along the road. (See it on Google Maps).  The shop is located next to the 犀星文学碑 Bus Stop.

Himito Cafe 〒920-0975 金沢市中川除町51 (Kanazawa City, Nakagawa Yokemachi 51)

TEL/FAX 076-224-3730


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