AJET Charity Totals for 2009-2010

Dear readers,
Please have a look at this message from the Ishikawa AJET Committee… Thank you to everyone, including the visiting JETs and friends from Fukui, Toyama, and Gifu as well as the community at large, Kanazawa University students, former JETs, friends and family back home who helped make these donations in person or online. We’ll keep you posted over of the next opportunities to volunteer or give!
-IJ Blog
Greetings Everyone,

Here is a round-up of all our charity events during the JET year 2009-2010, the amount raised and where the money went:

International Festival Booksale / Bakesale / Carol singing raised Y50,000 for Pepy Ride, the Cambodian Educational Charity.

Midyear Pub Quiz made Y30,000 for Pepy Ride, the Cambodian Educational Charity.

Murder Mystery Night and 80’s for Haiti raised a phenomenal Y164,000 for Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross Haiti Emergency Relief Fund.

The Casino Night made Y30,000 for resources and games for Ishikawa Orphanage visits.

The School Pub Quiz and Disco raised Y130,000 for The Japanese Red Cross Emergency Relief Fund.

The Charity Paragliding achieved the fantastic total of Y221,000 in sponsorship for The Cambodian Childrens Charity.

The World Cup Sweepstake raised Y10,000 for Football for Hope.

That’s a not so unimpressive total of Y635,000!!

It couldn’t have been done without all you lovely people who donated, volunteered, contributed, attended and helped organise all our charity events, so huge thanks and well done. Yet more evidence that Ishikawa totally rocks!



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