Willer Express’s New Bus: The Cocoon

Starting in late July, Willer Express will introduce The Cocoon コクーン bus, the ultimate in luxury night-bus-riding.

The new cocoon seat. From Willer's official website.

The Cocoon is a style of seat that offers more privacy and more functions than the current “luxury” seats. Unlike the other luxury bus seats, which sit two to an aisle, the Cocoon will only have one seat per aisle. The main draw is the privacy shell on the outside of the seat. Inside your shell, the seat reclines; there is a mirror, a coat hook, a space for your shoes, a net bag, a table, and a cup holder. Additionally, before lights-out, you can watch TV on the theater-system or the LAN to use the internet.

The Kanazawa-Tokyo route* will test out the Cocoon buses between 2-9 September 2010. Reservations are available from 3 June. The regular plan will cost between 8000-9000 yen one way, which is double the price of a Relax Bus ticket.

Typical of the Willer Group website, the Kanazawa-Tokyo route is only accessible in Japanese. Only the Osaka-Tokyo Cocoon route can be booked in English.

Detailed information on the cocoon seat and links to booking from Kanazawa and various cities (all to Tokyo) here.

English explanation and link to Tokyo-Osaka booking here.

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and the editor of this blog. She would love to test out the Cocoon if someone would back her trip in the name of science.


*Buses run between (Tokyo-side) Tokyo Disney Resort (TDR), Shinjuku (新宿), and Shinagawa (品川)and (Hokuriku side) Toyama University 富山大学, Toyama Station 富山駅, Takaoka 高岡, and Kanazawa Station 金沢駅. Other routes all go to/from Tokyo only (Nagoya, Hiroshima, Sendai, Osaka, Aomori, and Akita.)


5 thoughts on “Willer Express’s New Bus: The Cocoon

  1. Interesting and very luxurious!!
    I’d definitely give it a try just once, but when I consider that flights from Noto airport can be as low as 10,000 yen it still seems to me that flying would be easier 😉

  2. Well, for people who dislike airplane weight limits and flying or for people who need an early arrival in Tokyo but don’t like the cheaper night-buses, the Cocoon should be a big hit.

    Me? I’m just a plebian. 😉

  3. For those wondering about the mystery ‘R’ in TDR, it’s “Tokyo Disney Resort.” 😉

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