Paper-making and Woodblock-Print Workshops in Fukui

Thanks to Bill, Kate, and Rina for the information!

There are two workshops in Fukui-ken at the end of July that some of you might be interested in. For those of you who took the paper-making class in May, Rina, the woman who taught it, is the organizer. They will both be held about 20 minutes south of Fukui City in Echizen 越前.

Hanga Workshop

One of Hokusai's famous prints from the 36 Views of Mt. Fuji series. Wikimedia Commons.

The first workshop is a 5-day Japanese woodblock printing (hanga 版画) workshop. This workshop will feature lessons by Yoshiko HASHIZUME from Beijing.

Date : July 26th – July 30th (four nights)
Participants : limited to ten people without hanga experience

Cost : 58,300 yen

The fee includes

    20 prints from Ichibei Iwano and Shohachi Yamaguchi
    hanga tools to use during the workshop; you may take them home with you afterward.
    Accomodation in a traditional Japanese house for four nights; rooms will be shared.
    Trips to other paper studios in Echizen
    Transportation from JR Takefu 武生駅 to Echizen Washi Village

Washi Workshop

Washi from the May 2010 Workshop. Photo by Ginny Middleton.

The second workshop is a 2-3 hour paper-making workshop that teaches the traditional Japanese method (washi 和紙). This will be like the previous washi workshop in May.

Date: July 31, 2010 afternoon
Fee: 2500 yen

Rina has mentioned that the weather will likely be hot and humid, so plan accordingly.

If you’re interested in either workshop, please contact Rina directly at jiyomon-washi AT herb DOT ocn DOT ne DOT jp to sign up or for more information.


4 thoughts on “Paper-making and Woodblock-Print Workshops in Fukui

  1. Will the hanga workshop be offered later in the year, say, december or early in the new year at all I am very interested in travelling to Japan to participate but can’t until later.
    kind regards James Parker Adelaide South Australia

  2. This event was held in 2010. You might try emailing the contact to see if she will be hosting any others throughout the year.

  3. This is actually still our current blog. We went through a transition of leadership and are now settling in to resume posts. Sorry for the long break!

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