Live Bars in Kanazawa

This is a guest post by Alessandro, a 3rd year JET in Kanazawa.

For those who like music, here is a (non exhaustive) list of live bars in Kanazawa. Please check their websites (sorry only Japanese) for up to date information about the live performances.


Noel (located at the Arimatsu intersection, just south of the blue bridge in Kanazawa)

A nice Jazz specialized bar.

Events usually start at around 20:00 and charge 1,500 yen.

Every month they have Jazz Jam sessions, Vocal sessions, and Folk Rock Jam sessions. 1000 yen to participate. Bring your guitar.

Mokkiriya (located in Tatemachi in downtown Kanazawa)

One of the best places for lives. Rock, jazz, country, folk you have the choice.

Average cost for the tickets is 3500 yen. Lives start around 19.30 and end by 22.00 .

Can be a very crowded place, my suggestion is to book in advance your ticket by phone.


Minichaels (located near the Arimatsu intersection)

If you have a music band and want to perform, this is your place. You can rent the scene for your own live performance.

Regular Rock live performances.


Riverside (located along the Saigawa, a 5 minute walk from the blue bridge)

Regular Jazz performances every Thursday, Friday and weekends. Music charge 1,500 yen.

This is a nice place for people who want to stay out all night long.

The bar opens at 20.00 and closes at 2am. 

Regular performances by the owner start at 22:00 / 23:00 / 01:00. 

Special events usually start at 21:00.


Gstage (located behind Labbro in Katamachi)

Acoustic guitar and rock lives for this bar. Sometimes they have some special events, like a Japanese group of Kiss (costumes included).

Average price is 2,000 yen in advance booking +500 yen if you buy the ticket at the door.


Puka puka (located right next to Kourinbo 109)

Acoustic folk bar with some regular lives. Music charge is 1,500 yen.


Live house Vanvan (15 minute walk from Katamachi)

Rock and J-pop. Many concerts in a month. Tickets are around 2,000 yen in advance booking +500 yen if you buy the ticket at the door.


Kanazawa AZ (15 minute walk from Katamachi)

J-pop and rock concerts for this place, all the underground Japanese groups in tour will have a stop at AZ.

Average price 4,000 yen and you have to buy a drink. Advance booking only.


Kanazawa Concert Hall (near the Kanazawa train station)

For all fans of classical music here is the website with the schedule. (Japanese only)

You can buy your ticket online, but it is easier if you buy it from a convenience store after you checked the event. Sometimes the online booking will show that the event is sold out, but this is just the online tickets that are sold out. You can call the Concert Hall ticket office and you will be able to buy more or check in a convenience store.


Rock & Café Clapton (located in Nonoichi, just south of Kanazawa)

Just a couple of performances in a month. I have never been there so


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