2010 Monterey Jazz Festival in Noto

Tickets on sale now!

Poster image from the official website.

The list of performers is on the poster linked above, but one name you might recognize is Yuji Ohno and the Lupintic Five. Ohno is the composer and performer of the music of the wildly popular anime (TV and film) series Lupin the Third. Even if you haven’t seen the show, you might have seen the movie Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro ルパン三世 カリオストロの城, Miyazaki Hayao’s 宮崎駿 directorial debut (and a very cute film, to boot). Although I’m not a jazz enthusiast, I love Ohno’s music and was very surprised to see him on the list. Don’t miss it!

More information

31 July 2010 (Saturday)
Seating begins at 13:00
Performance: 14:00- 21:30

(¥6000 on the day of the performance; ¥2000 for students up to high school)

Available online from the official website (Japanese only) until 28 July; you can purchase your bus ticket from Kanazawa (see below in “Access” section of this post) at the same time. This is the easiest way to pay; there is cash-on-delivery fee of ¥315.

Tickets are also available on Ticket Pia‘s website and at Family Mart’s Ticket Pia (at the payment machine). General instructions in English. The Family Mart P-code is 106-121.

Other ways to pay:

Circle K/Sunkus (ticket machine)

Seven-Eleven Ticket Machine (event code: 002-151)

Nanao Marine Park

In the event of rain, the festival will NOT be canceled.

Map (scroll down)

Public Transit

From the north
Take the train from Anamizu Station (穴水)to Nanao (七尾) on the Noto Tetsudo (のと鉄道).

There will be a special late train returning to Anamizu Station after the performance. It will depart Nanao Station at 22:30 (an hour after the performance ends) and arrive in Anamizu at 23:09.

Marine Park is an 800 meter walk from Nanao Station. Head towards Nanao Bay (七尾湾) from the station.

Cost: ¥810 (one-way; Anamizu to Nanao)

From the south
A special bus will depart Kanazawa Station’s (金沢) West-Entrance (西口) bus pool at 11:30 and take you directly to the festival; the same bus will depart Nanao for Kanazawa after the performance ends.

Round-trip fare: ¥2000 (one-way: ¥1000). Reservations are necessary and can be made online with your ticket reservation. (Until 28 July)

Alternatively, you can take the train to Nanao and walk to Marine Park. It’s about 800 meters away; walk  toward the Nanao Bay (七尾湾) from the station.

Local train: Take the JR Nanao Line (JR 七尾線) from Kanazawa (金沢) to Nanao (七尾). ¥1280 (one-way).

Express trains: Take the Shirasagi (しらさぎ)or the Thunderbird (サンダーバード)from Kanazawa (金沢) to Nanao (七尾). ¥2220 (one-way; unreserved seat).

Official Website (Japanese only with English categories)

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and the co-editor of this blog. She thinks that life should be a little more Lupintic.


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