14th Annual Noto Yosakoi Festival 能登よさこい祭

Come see the 14th Annual Noto Yosakoi Festival 能登よさこい祭 in Wakura Onsen on Saturday, June 5, and Sunday, June 6!


From the official website (www.wakura.or.jp/yosakoi/)

The style of yosakoi, an energetic style of Japanese dance, that is performed in this festival originated in Kochi. (There is also Soran Yosakoi, which originated in Hokkaido.) The yosakoi of the Noto has its own flavor and its very own dance–the Noto Waccha のとわっちゃ.

Ladies and gents, your competitors–this year there are 49 teams representing primarily Ishikawa but also  Fukui, Toyama, Niigata, Osaka, Hyogo, Greater Tokyo, and Aichi. All of these teams will be performing their  original dances and showing off their original costumes. The groups vary by age and sex–there are women-only teams, men-only teams (the infamous Wakura Onsen men’s team, for example), and mixed-sex teams; some teams include children; others are composed entirely of young people; there is also a team in which the average age is over 60.

These 49 teams will dance in parades and on stage multiple times for the duration of the festival.

More information

June 5 (Sat.) 11:30-20:00
June 6 (Sun.) 10:00-20:00

Includes both stage performances and the parades. All teams will be performing multiple times on stage and in the street parade each day.

Free to enter, but you will need money for food and train fare.

Public transit
North of Nanao: Take the Noto Tetsudo (のと鉄道) Nanao Line (七尾線)
to Wakura Onsen (和倉温泉) from Anamizu (穴水).

Cost: 660 yen (one way)

South of Nanao: Take the JR Nanao line (JR七尾線) to Nanao (七尾) and transfer to the Noto Tetsudo (のと鉄道) bound for Anamizu (穴水); get off at Wakura Onsen (和倉温泉). Or take the one of the express trains Thunderbird (サンダーバード) or Shiragi (しらさぎ) directly to Wakura Onsen (和倉温泉) from Kanazawa (金沢).

Local trains: 1280 yen (one-way)
Express trains: 2220 yen (unreserved; one-way)

By car
The festival will take place on the main street of Wakura Onsen. According to a JET who went last year, there is parking available in large lots along the street, but taking the train is probably easier.

Website (Japanese only)

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and the co-editor of this blog. She will be dancing in said festival with her face obscured by a straw rainhat.


2 thoughts on “14th Annual Noto Yosakoi Festival 能登よさこい祭

  1. Virginia Middleton is a 2nd year ALT in Anamizu who will also be dancing in said festival with her face obscured by said hat 🙂

  2. For those who are interested team Anamizu (十八番連) won a prize!!! Yippee!!

    Was a fantastic weekend for everyone involved! Special thanks to those JETs who came out to support us!!

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