Noto Wine on NHK Kanazawa Tonight

Tonight (26 May 2010), Anamizu’s Noto Wine Gallery will be featured on NHK Kanazawa at 6:10 pm.

This feature is part of a week-long series on the Noto. Unfortunately, I just found out about it (thank you, small-town morning announcements).

The schedule was/is

Monday, 24 May: Suzu’s Iida Waku Waku Plaza 飯田わくわく広場, which is where some of a Suzu’s festivals are held; there is also a community center, restaurants, and a foot bath.

Map (Japanese)
〒927-1214 珠洲市飯田町16-21-1
(Suzu-shi Iida-machi 16-21-1)

Tuesday, 25 May: Noto-machi’s Nihonkai Club 日本海倶楽部, a brewery and restaurant hidden in the hills of Noto-machi and overlooking the Sea of Japan. Nihonkai Club has great local beer and excellent steak; it’s a must for visitors to and residents of the Noto.

927-0605 Ishikawa-ken Housu-gun Noto-machi ji Tatekabe 92

Wednesday, 26 May: Anamizu’s Noto Winery 能登ワイン. Founded in 2005, Noto Wine makes their wine from all local ingredients.

Wines are available in Noto grocery stores, liquor stores, and omiyage shops, as well as at the main location.

Winery and main shop located at
〒927-0006 石川県鳳珠郡穴水町旭ケ丘り5番1
927-006 Ishikawa-ken Housu-gun Anamizu-machi Asahigaoka RI-5 #1

Thursday, 27 May: Wajima’s Kiriko Museum キリコ会館. This museum features the history and the making of kiriko, the enormous distinctive lanterns carried in festivals in the Noto.

〒928-0003 石川県輪島市塚田町3-30-2
928-0003 Ishikawa-ken Wajima-shi Tsukada 3-30-2

Friday, 28 May: Shika’s Flower Museum 花のミュージアム. This is a beautiful botanical garden in Shika-machi in Hakui.

Ishikawa-ken Hakui-gun Shika-machi Akasumi 14-ji 54-1

Tune in to Kanazawa NHK this week at 6:10 pm to see these features! Let’s show Ishikawa our Noto pride!

Have you been to any of these places? Would you like to write a review? Contact us!

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and has developed Noto Pride.


2 thoughts on “Noto Wine on NHK Kanazawa Tonight

  1. Nihonkai is AMAZING. I don’t like beer and I like their beer! And their nomihodai-tabehodai is cheap and amazing, with all you can eat STEAK. Noto-gyuu!!!!!

  2. Does anyone know if they replay these at another time or if you can access them online?? I work til 8:30pm tonight so can’t watch it on TV 😦

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