Cambridge Oral Examiner Training

This guest post is by Gavin Lynch of Hokuriku Gakuin University about the October 2010 Cambridge Oral Examiner Training Session, a professional development training session that will qualify you to become an oral examiner for English-language proficiency exams.


My name is Gavin Lynch, at Hokuriku Gakuin University. We are a private college, but are involved with the JETs in a number of ways.

Last week, (May 15th) we had some JETS helping us out with our English Camp – thanks a lot guys! Last December, we held training for the children’s Oral Examiners. Very successful day, with all the attendees getting an important qualification on their CV/resume and (maybe more importantly), getting some much needed professional development that could be used in their classes.

We will hold training for the KET/PET levels of Cambridge (bigger kids/adults) on October 10, 2010. If you are interested, please get back to me as soon as possible as numbers are limited.

It is a training session, so you will have to pay to attend. The 10,000 yen course fee covers the costs of training and registration. When you pass, you will be registered and asked to be an Oral Examiner when the tests are held (usually, twice a year – those of you who are EIKEN examiners will kind of know what it is like). You will be paid for doing this.

There are some restrictions (such as allowing only people with
teaching experience attend), but Cambridge counts things like work
experience in university, summer school teaching, etc.

Please contact Gavin Lynch (email) gavlynch at gmail dot com to see if you are qualified to attend the training session, and if not, what you can do to become qualified before the next one.

For more information about Cambridge OE, check out the official websites at (English) (Japanese)


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