High School Sumo Tournament

Sumo is very Japanese and pretty unusual to be able to watch live (especially if you don’t fancy paying a whole lot of money.)  Lucky for us, there’s an annual sumo tournament right nearby in Kanazawa.  In fact, one of our own Kanazawa schools is known for their excellent sumo students!

Interested in checking out the tournament (and cheering on the students from the stands)? Read on…

When: this Sunday, May 23rd.  Matches begin early in the day, but inside sources tell me the more interesting matches take place later in the day.  Final matches take place around 6:00-7:00pm. (Last bus leaves for the match at 2:00pm. Take note!)

Cost: tickets are around 800 yen (sorry, not sure on the exact price this year).

Getting there:  You can catch buses from the #6 bus stop at the Kanazawa Station.  Buses will be marked 卯辰山 (Utatsuyama) or 卯辰山相撲場 (Utatsuyama Sumou Jou).  Take the bus to the last stop.  This should be around 400 yen.  Buses begin leaving the Kanazawa station around 6:30am and the last bus runs to the sumo tournament at 2:00pm.  If you’re interested in catching the more interesting matches, remember that 2:00pm is the latest bus out there!

Getting back: Return buses are also available, but I don’t have the specifics.  Sorry.  Think of it as an adventure.  If you’re worried about that, it’s also within walking/taxing distance to get back to town.  Fear not!

**Bonus Fact: The past 2 years it has rained on this tournament. The tournament continues, but bring an umbrella.  This year’s weather reports predict similar results.


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