Hakusan Super Rindo and Trekking Tour

The Hakusan International Association (the HIA) is sponsoring a trip in the upper reaches of the Mt. Haksuan foothills. The Super Rindo is a road only open during certain times of year (as most of the year the road is closed and under a good deal of snow. The bus will pick you up, drive the Rindo, and then drop you off at the trail! Here’s the time schedule and what the tour includes:

SCHEDULE (tentative) Date: Sunday, June 20, 2010

7:00 Leave from Rifare (We can also stop at Korinbo and other places. Please contact us for more information.)

7:50 Hakusan Intl. Salon (near Matto JR Station)

8:10 Tsurugi-Crane Hall

Enter the Hakusan Super Rindo mountain road

9:30 Sanpō-iwadake Mts. parking lot

10:00 Start trek, appx. 40 min. to the top.

10:40 Mountain summit 11:20

11:50 Arrive at the foot of the mountain (parking lot)

12:50 Ichirino Kogen Hotel (onsen and lunch)

14:50 Leave for Kanazawa

16:40 Rifare This time may change.

Here’s the blurb from the Hakusan International Salon:

We here in Hakusan City are proud to boast an abundant nature that allows for a variety of outdoor activities. On Sunday, June 20th, HIA will be holding a bus and trekking tour for the foreign residents of Ishikawa Prefecture. The bus will make its way through the “Hakusan Super Rindo” mountain road up to the base of the Sanpō-iwadake Mountains (1745 m). The course will take us past numerous scenic spots, such as “Ubaga-taki,” which provides a magnificent view of the scenery surrounding Mt. Hakusan. You will then enjoy a trek to the top of the Sanpō-iwadake Mountains (40 minutes one-way), where you will be welcomed by fresh green leaves and beautiful native plants.

On the way home, you will be able to relax at an onsen and have lunch.

Spaces are limited though…..so HURRY! The participation fee is 1,000 yen, which includes lunch, insurance and the highway tolls.

To apply, contact: Hakusan International Association  Phone 076-274-9520

E-mail: toshikouryu (at) city.hakusan.lg.jp FAX: 076-274-9546  Deadline: Friday, June 4th

Things to bring: sneakers; water and snacks, as lunch is late.  Space is limited to 30, so please hurry and don’t miss this opportunity! Inquiries: Ms. Keiko Uno at HIA.   Mobile phone: 090-5178-6501

Please contact the Hakusan International Association or the Hakusan International Salon if you’re interested in this great trip!


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