Staying another year? Blog with us!

Hey JETs,

If you’re anything like me, you’re watching June creep closer and closer, and realizing that you have just over 2 months before you depart Japan.  For myself, I feel like I’ve contributed a bit by starting up this blog and roping a few people into writing for it.  Fortunately, the lovely Leah has agreed to take over as admin of the blog, and so we have another year of blogging to prepare for.  Help her, please!

In a month or so, English-speakers all over the world are going to find out that they’ve been placed in Japan, and there’s a serious lack of up-to-date resources about what it’s like to actually live here (let alone in Ishikawa!).  If you’re staying on another year, why not spend 15 minutes a week and volunteer to share your experiences on the Ishikawa JET blog?  They’ll appreciate it, and you may be surprised to find out how rewarding blogging can be.

If you’ll be around for the next year (August 2010 – August 2011) and are interested in writing for this blog, click the “Contact Us” link at the top of this blog and shoot me a quick message. It’s a great way to pass on your knowledge to other people, and it’s a useful resource for those interested in learning about/coming to Ishikawa.

For those interested interested in blogging:

*Bloggers are responsible for writing 1 post a week – doesn’t have to be long! You will choose a day to post, which can be written any day and then schedule to be posted later.  (In many cases, you can write your post during your down time at work.)

*You can write about any topic that interests you (that relates to being a foreigner in Ishikawa).  Topics might include good restaurants, volunteering opportunities, Japanese cultural information, Japanese language information, local events, lesson ideas, etc.  If you think it’s related to being a foreigner in Ishikawa, then it’s valid.

* Prior blogging experience isn’t necessary. WordPress is very easy to use (really!), and we’ll help you get started.

* You don’t have to know anything special about Ishikawa. Every day you’re learning something new, and sometimes it’s the fresh insights that are most valuable to people reading this blog.

If you’re interested (and can commit yourself), then click the “Contact Us”, and we’ll help you get started!


Something on your mind? Leave some comments!

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