Mikawa Okaeri Matsuri 2010

Mikawa Okaeri Matsuri

15-16 May 2010

From Hot-Ishikawa

This spring festival features a parade of the city’s 13 gold-and-silver-lacquered mikoshi (portable shrines) around the Fujitsuka Jinja. The parade departs from the Fujitsuka Jinja on the morning of Saturday, 15 May, and continues late into the night. On the dawn of Sunday, 16 May, the mikoshi are carried back to the shrine.

According to Hot-Ishikawa, this event draws a lot of sight-seers from out of town. This style of mikoshi is exceptionally beautiful, and Ishikawa’s mikoshi parades have a wonderfully fun atmosphere.

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Fujitsuka Jinja, Hakusan-shi

The shrine is a ten-minute walk from the JR Mikawa Station 美川駅.

Take the JR Hokuriku Line JR北陸本線 from Kanazawa Station (toward Tsuruga 敦賀; 20 minutes, 320 yen) or from Komatsu Station (toward Kanazawa; 12 minutes, 230 yen) to Mikawa 美川.

More information
Hot-Ishikawa (Japanese only; has map)

Jalan.net (Japanese only)

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and loves attending local festivals.


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