French Arts Exhibition

As part of the “Week of the French Arts” (May 8th – 14th, 2010), there will be 3 French art exhibitions up around Kanazawa.

“The Eyes of a Caricaturist: Exhibition of Sem”

French artist Georges Goursat (nicknamed Sem) is known for his caricatures of French high society at the beginning of the 20th century.  This will be the first exhibition of his works in Kanazawa.

Where: Exchange Hall, Hokkoku Shimbun Akabane Hall (site in Japanese)

“Exhibition of Drawings of Claude Prouve – L’Ecole de Nancy Today”

Claude Prove is from Nancy, the French sister-city of Kanazawa.  Besides being an architect, he made over 10,000 drawings in 60 years.  He showed a strong interest in black and white arts, such as Japanese ink paintings.  The focus of this exhibition are works from his “Series of 105 ink paintings”.

Where: Exchange Hall, Hokkoku Shimbun Akabane Hall

Photo: Wikipedia

“Exhibition of Artwork Owned by the City of Kanazawa and the Kanazawa College of Art”

This exhibition will focus on valuable prints from Marc Chagall and Abraham Bosse, two representative artists of modern France.  There will also be sculptures by Rodin and Bourdelle and “splendid vases”, a cooperation by French Daum glass company and Shogyo Oba, a Kanazawa lacquer artist.

Where: Exhibition Gallery, Kanazawa Cultural Hall (located behind Kourinbou 109)

All three of the exhibitions are FREE, so spread some international love and check them out!

Also, the week’s opening concert, “Samson and Delilah” still has tickets available.  Read our previous post about it for complete details! Tickets are only 1,500 yen.

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