Uchinada Kite Festival

A word from Jeff Sheih, the CIR in Uchinada. This is a day-time festival close to home, but the it is like the first event to re-open the Uchinada Beach area each year – lots of fun, food, and sun to be had! If you’ve not been to this festival yet, I recommend it!  The kites themselves are enormous! The seem more the size of a hot-air balloon than a kite and those that fly them come from all over the world to do so at this event.


Hello everyone,   For those of you still trying to figure out what to do during Golden Week, Uchinada will be holding it’s annual World Kite Festival from May 3rd to 4th.  It will take place on the beach, and there will be food stands as well as lots of kites. I will be working at the festival both days, so come say hi! Here is a blurb about the festival and the schedule.


Every year, on a sandy white beach lined with Japanese pines looking out over the Japan Sea, the World Kite Festival unfurls itself with grandeur in Uchinada. Twenty two years ago, in 1988, it started out as the Japan Sea Kite Festival, but since then, its reputation has expanded both domestically and internationally, and now every year it attracts kite lovers from all over Japan and the world. This year, during Golden Week, come on over to the Uchinada coastline, and join in the festivities!

Giant Kites of Squidy doom!!!

Courtesy of Drachenman

Time Schedule

May 3rd, Monday 10:00~ ·   Sports Kite Competition (Individual)

·   Japanese Kite Flying (open to all)

·   Children’s Kite Competition (Team/Individual)

12:30~ Awards Ceremony (Children’s Kite Competition)
16:30~ Awards Ceremony (Sports Kite Competition)
18:00~ Welcome Reception (Uchinada Culture Hall)
May 4th, Tuesday 9:00~ Participant Registration (Main Tent)
9:30~ Opening Attraction / Opening Ceremonies
10:00~ ·   Kite Flying Festival

·   International Kite Flying Festival

·   Japan Sea Kite Flying Festival

·   Uchinada Kite Contest

·   Hexagon Challenge

·   Sports Kite Competition (Group Division)

·   Sports Kite Trial Lesson

·   Photo Contest (sponsored by the Uchinada Photography Association)

15:00~ Awards Ceremony and Closing Ceremonies

Link to Japanese site: http://www.town.uchinada.lg.jp/webapps/www/event/detail.jsp?id=4481


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