Kutaniyaki Porcelain Festival

Area Leader, Andrew Stewart-Wynne sent out this invitation to all the JETs in Ishikawa! Please contact him if you’d like to join the group he is organizing in Nomi, near his home, on May 3rd (during Golden Week).
An event local to my neck of the woods is approaching and I wanted to extend a warm welcome to anyone who may be interested in visiting it. It is the Kutaniyaki Porcelain Festival running from the 3rd to 5th of May (Yes! Mon – Wed during Golden Week!). This invitation is open to all JETs near and far, but particularly to those in the south bloc (or Nomi/Hakusan/Kaga) because it is in your local! Support local – yay!

Kutani Chawan Matsuri

Bargains! Oooh, the bargains!

A festival which began in the Meiji Period, it is one of the big events in Nomi.  Porcelain and pottery makers gather from afar, and bargains are a plenty for those keen to get their hands on some fine earthenware! There is something available for everyones budget ranging from 100 yen to 1 million yen. A variety of stage events run throughout the day (including my school’s school band performance!) and a variety of food stalls and other tents attract folk from near and far. I realise it is smack bang in the middle of GW, but if you are not travelling the countryside and either are a big porcelain fan or would just like to check it out feel free to join us!
Date : Monday 3rd May
Time : 11:00 ~ until you’ve had enough!
Where to meet: Terai Train Station
Cost : Entry is free! You just need bus/train fare and spending money.
Anyone interested in coming along please contact me Andrew, at stewart underscore wynne at yahoo dot co dot jp,  or if you’d like more info for another day. Below are a few links:
Festival Info (English)
Festival Info (Japanese only)
Festival Info (Japanese only)
Maps/Access (Japanese only)

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