I just wanna speak English

In case you can’t make the Orphanage visit but have some free time later on in the afternoon on the 24th, FM Kahoku are holding the first of a new event aimed to encourage communication between local foreign and Japanese English speakers.

“I just wanna speak English” or “英語しゃべろう”

Sat 24th April, 3pm – 5pm @Bistororiru, Kahoku-shi

This is NOT an Eikaiwa class event, but a place to make new friends, and encourage dialogue and culture/information exchange between Japanese and Foreign residents, in English. The event is informal and is open to all – regardless of age/race/religion.

Please email Dipika Soni (Dipikasoni18 at gmail.com) if you are interested in taking part. Will be an interesting to see how it turns out – and could be a way to make some great new friends and contacts.  Pretty please!

More information can be found here: http://blog.kahoku.net/international/  (scroll down for the English and a map to the venue)

Speak English to mah kids!

Speak English to mah kids!


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