Teacher Evaluations

If you’re responsible for teaching your own class, chances are your teaching is going to be evaluated.  Since not all ALTs are briefed on what is expected of you as a teacher in Japan , I thought I’d point out what the students are asked to evaluate about their teachers at the high school I work at.  (My evaluation by students was in July, by the way).

Questions about the Teacher

1.  Do your classes begin when the bell rings?

2.  Does your teacher give warnings when students chat or fall asleep?

3. Do you feel like your teacher is passionate about their subject?

4. Are the teacher’s explanations clear?

5.  Does the teacher have a loud and clear voice?

6.  How are the handouts and use of the blackboard?

7.  Does the teacher try to teach well?

8.  Does the teacher try to help every student?

9.  Does the teacher give proper time to think?

10.  Can you learn clearly from your teacher?

If you’re unsure about how you should act (for example, with warning sleeping students), be sure to ask your supervisor, other JTEs, or contact a PA for advice — or write your question in the comments!  Each school behaves a little differently, and hopefully this will just serve as a little reminder of what we should be thinking about as teachers.


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