Ishikawa For Sale/Wanted Forum

Sold through the For Sale/Wanted forum in under an hour

If you’re starting to think about packing up your apartment and preparing to leave Ishikawa, you may have come across a few useful items that you’d like to sell (or give away for free).  Fortunately, there’s a great For Sale/Wanted Forum for Ishikawans, where you can put up a post about your item.  A lot of JETs already use this forum, so you have a built-in audience!

You can often get better prices by selling on the forum than selling to a second-hand store (although that’s a good alternative to taking it to a landfill/tossing it in the trash).

Similarly, if you’re going to be in Ishikawa for another year, check out the forum.  There are some great deals to be had!

Basic Guidelines of For Sale/Wanted Forum

– You must register on the forum to post.  It takes about 3 minutes.

Post photos of your items for sale, so we know what we’re getting.

– If you include an email address, write it in a format so spambots won’t get it.  For example, “ishikawajet [at] gmail [dot] com”.  (Note: you can just use the “message” function of the forum so people don’t know your email address).

– Comment on your post once the item has been purchased.  We want to keep the forum up-to-date.

– Posts are moderated and can be deleted/edited at the moderators’ discretion.  Be businesslike.

How to Register

  • From the main page, click ‘Join this community’. The link is on the top left.
  • Click ‘Join J-talk’.
  • Choose a username, and enter it along with your email address. Prove you’re not a robot by entering the captcha. Decide if you just want a username, or if you want a J-talk blog as well.
  • Go to your email. You should have an email from J-talk, entitled ‘Activate [username]’. Click on the link.
  • Congratulations, you have an account with a password!
  • Go to Log in. Post.
  • ???
  • Profit!

Thanks neotaiko for the info I yoinked about registering on the forum!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now!


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