Open Auditions for Osugi Musical Theatre

Komatsu’s Osugi Musical Theatre (run by former ALT Gart Westerhout) is holding auditions for its new musical  “Chiyo-jo Melody,”  about the life and poetry of Chiyojo (born in what is now Hakusan City in 1703, the most famous Japanese female haiku poet. The story starts when she is 61 and has been ordered by Lord Maeda to prepare 21 haiku to be presented to a consul from Korea. This is said to be the first time that the relatively new art of haiku was exported from Japan. Chiyo-jo reflects on episodes from her life as she prepares the commissioned haiku.

In keeping with the international aspect we will be inviting haiku submissions from people of all nations, particularly from sister cities of Komatsu and Hakusan, but also from local citizens of various nationalities. During the show, which will be presented in Komatsu in October and Hakusan in November, we plan to have haiku read in different languages by a variety of people.

Participation welcome at any level – as a full-fledged cast or chorus member,  as a cameo-haiku-reader, or as a backstage or publicity supporter.  (Information on haiku submissions will be publicized later in the spring.)
Please see for the audition flier, and call 0761-46-1824  or write to for more details in English or Japanese.  And please help us spread the word!  Thanks!

-Gart Westerhout

Please see the Osugi Musical Theatre site for more information!


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