Hanami at Sakura Eki

Come to Notokashima-eki, also known as Sakura-Eki, on 11 April (Sunday) for a day of hanami (花見) and fun in Anamizu!

Image from さくら駅 on Wikipedia

Notokashima is known as Sakura Eki because of the cherry trees that line the railroad and lean in such a way as to create a tunnel of sakura in spring.

More information

11 April 2010 (Sunday)

Notokashima Station 能登鹿島駅

Festivities begin at 10 am. There is a light-up from 6 pm to 10:30 pm. Please note that until the trains stop running around 8 pm; there is no parking on site.

Take the Noto Tetsudo from Nanao or from Anamizu to Notokashima Station 能登鹿島駅 (one stop from Anamizu on the Nanao-bound train, the second-to-last stop from Nanao on the Anamizu-eki-bound train).

The event will feature taiko, karaoke, and local bands. As for the festival food, all the seasonal specialties of Anamizu will be available: grilled whole oysters (yaki kaki 焼きカキ); isaza (イサザ), tiny fish that you can eat live; grilled scallops (yaki hotate 焼きホタテ); and, for the vegetarians and faint of heart regarding live fish (myself included), hanami dango.

The event is free to enter; the only necessary costs are your train fare and for your food!
From Anamizu: 280 yen
From Nanao: 660 yen
From Kanazawa (JR Nanao) with a transfer in Nanao to the Noto Tetsudou 能登鉄道: 1860 yen

Sakura-eki blog (Japanese)

Flyer from Anamizu’s website (Japanese)

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and has cherry-blossom fever.


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