Japanese Stamps

Photo: Japan Post

I can’t be the only one in love with Japanese stamps.  See more new release stamps at the Japan Post website.  It’s only in Japanese, but looking at the pretties doesn’t require any Japanese.  Should you find a stamp you’d like to order (within Japan only, I think), you can click on the stamp and make a purchase (shipping is 440 yen) — or head over to your post office and tell them what you want!

New stamps seem to come out around once a week, so keep checking back!

Stamp Rates from Japan (as of March, 2010):

Domestic Postcards: 50 yen

Domestic Letters (up to 25g): 80 yen

International Postcards: 70 yen

International Letters (up to 25g): 90 yen – 130yen (depending on destination)


One thought on “Japanese Stamps

  1. I actually bought some of the new floral postcard ones today! It’s really a shame they don’t make 70 yen ones, but with a 50 and a 20, my family gets to have two Japanese stamps!

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