March in the Hyakumangoku Parade

Every year a group of foreigners is asked to participate in Ishikawa’s largest festival, the Hyakumangoku Festival.

As a participant, you’ll be dressed up in costume and makeup (women dressed as handmaidens and men as traditional samurai) and will walk from the Kanazawa Station to the Ishikawa Castle.  The parade lasts a few hours, but you must arrive early for preparation.  It’s a great opportunity to participate in a Japanese event, and a lot of fun to be on show and get dressed up in costumes you would never be able to wear otherwise!

Here are the details for participating in the 2010 parade:

Date: June 5th (same date as Nagano soccer tournament, if you’re participating)

Cost: 500 yen

Sign-Up Deadline: April 11th

Contact: Yoko; 090-8265-0283 (English okay!)


2 thoughts on “March in the Hyakumangoku Parade

  1. Hi, I’m trying to sign up for this but the person’s phone is turned off right now and today is the deadline. Does anyone else know of some other way to reach this person? Thanks a lot!

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