Kanazawa Green Walk

Photo: Official Website

This year marks the 15th anniversary of the Green Walk, organized by the Sports Department of the Kanazawa City Hall.  It’s a great chance to be a part of the community and enjoy some sites while walking around Kanazawa!

Everyone leaves from the Kanazawa Castle in a group, but you’re free to walk at your own pace, and you can even shop around if you’d like!  Just make sure you’re back to the Kanazawa Castle by 4:00pm.

Choose one of 3 walking courses, which takes you throughout Kanazawa:

Course A: approx 6 km (3.7 miles), going around the major sightseeing spots between the Asanogawa and Saigawa rivers.

Course B: about 12 km (7.5 miles) and also goes around the major sightseeing spots, but it actually crosses the rivers, going all the way to the Higashi tea district near Asanogawa and the Teramachi temple district near the Saigawa.

Course C: about 22km (13.7 miles) and this year it will go all the way to Kanazawa harbor.  It’s a few hours of good-paced walking, but it’s not hardcore.  In fact, other JETs have done it before and they’ll be joining again (perhaps with picnic materials).

Photo: Courtesy of Sophie


When: Thursday, April 29th (Showa Day — it’s a holiday!).  8:30am – 4:00pm

Where: Begin and end at the Kanazawa Castle.

Cost: 500 yen

Registration Deadline: April 12th

How to Register: Go to the Kanazawa City Hall, Sports Section on the 4th floor (next to the International Section, so they can help you out!).  Alternatively, you can mail in a registration form (in Japanese), which you can pick up at a sports facility or community center in Kanazawa.

Doing the C course? Email your full name and age to Sophie at sophie [at] city [dot] kanazawa [dot] ishikawa [dot] jp and she’ll sign you up to walk along with her!

You can also see the Kanazawa Green Walk webpage (Japanese only).

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