Sign Up for the July 2010 JLPT

Registration for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT; 日本語能力試験) levels N1, N2, and N3 (the three highest levels) will begin in Japan on March 26, 2010. Application packets will be available for purchase in selected Ishikawa bookstores (see list below).

Registration period: must be postmarked between 26 March and 30 April 2010
Cost: 5500 yen

Date of exam: Sunday, 4 July 2010; all tests begin at 12:30 pm

Bookstores in Ishikawa (read: Kanazawa) that will have the application:
1-1-1 Korinbou, Kanazawa-shi
Korinbou-location Daiwa, 7th floor

1-1-30 Hirosaka, Kanazawa-shi
This is close to the 21st Century Art Museum and Kanazawa Castle in Hirosaka.

Kinoshinbomachi 1-1 (in JR Kanazawa Station, 1st floor, at the end of the “Trend” hall of shops トレンド館)

5-158 Kuratsuki
On the 60/Kencho road; applications are on the 2nd floor.

More information from JEES (Japanese)

List of bookstores in all prefectures here. (Japanese only, scroll down to “書店リストBookstores List” and select your prefecture.)

Information on the new levels from the Ishikawa JET blog (English, with links to Japanese sites) here.

石川県ジェット達、頑張るぞ! (いしかわけんのジェットたち、がんばるぞ!)

Leah Zoller is a first-year CIR in Anamizu and will be having nightmares about the N-1 shortly.


9 thoughts on “Sign Up for the July 2010 JLPT

  1. Just to save anyone the disappointment, I believe that the Libro in Rifare is closed and has been for quite a while… I thought it was just for renovations, but it’s been like that since September and is still closed as of 2 weeks ago.

    If you’re passing through Kanazawa station to pick up an application, your best bet is to take the bus to Korinbou and hit up the Kinokuniya in Daiwa. It’s not a bad walk if the weather’s nice, but that’s a big if.

  2. I posted this on the Ishikawa JETs forum as well but applications are also available on the 2nd floor of Beans in KZ.

  3. Added Utsonomiya (Kanazawa Eki) and Beans locations. I’ve heard multiple things about Beans having/not having; I was going on what the website said. Thanks, guys!

  4. Not in Japan at the moment but would like to sign up for the test. Do you need your passport etc. for the application or could I have a Japanese friend fill it out and send it for me?
    Very happy for response.

  5. If you want to sign up to take the test IN Japan, you could have a friend fill it out for you if you send your friend the correct size photo for the test. (There’s a “care of” option.)

    However, if you want to take it in your home country, you must apply there. The July test isn’t available in most other countries yet, though.

  6. With a little Googling I found a long list of stores that carry the application. They may even be posted on the JEES(?) site.

  7. Dan, could you give us a link for that? The original list I posted was the one the JEES site.

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