Sake Brewery Tour


Fukumitsu Sake Brewery, in downtown Kanazawa, has been in production since the Edo Period (1600s), and they’re being kind enough to allow JETs and other foreigners in for an exclusive tour in English!  This is a rare chance to learn about how this traditional drink is made, and learn about some of the cultural heritage of Kanazawa, and Ishikawa Prefecture.

The tour will begin with a DVD explaining the process of brewing sake.  Then, we will be given a chance to tour the facilities where they make the sake, so we can see how it’s made (most tours don’t include seeing the facilities, so we’re really lucky!).  Finally, the tour will end with sake tasting…for free.

This is a really cool tour organized by one of the JETs, and the price can’t be beat, so get yourself signed up right now!

When: March 20, 2010.  2:00pm

Cost: Free!!!

Where: Fukumitsu Sake Brewery (Kanazawa City石引2丁目8−3).  See map.  A 5-10 minute walk from Kenrokuen.  If you’re afraid of getting lost, Travis will meet a group at the Kanazawa Station at 1pm and then walk to the brewery together.

Sign-Up Deadline: March 19th…so act fast!

To Sign Up: Contact Travis at aoishinobi [at] gmail [dot] com

This tour is not limited to JETs, so if you know someone who’d like to come along, by all means invite them!


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