Daishoji Monitor Tours in English

Tabunka Net Kaga (たぶんかネット加賀) and the Kaga City Tourism Association (加賀市観光協会) have teamed up to create an English-language day tour of the Dashoji area in Kaga.

Aimed at foreign tourists and conducted in English, the tour includes a riverboat trip, a tea ceremony, and entrance to the Kutaniyaki Museum. The tour will be held three times on the second Saturdays of April, May, and June.

This sounds like a great opportunity to get to know southern Ishikawa this spring!

The next tour is 10 April 2010. Currently there are 5 spaces left, so act fast!

More information

Small and Tranquil Castle Town Daishoji Monitor Tour

10 April 2010; 8 May 2010; 12 June 2010 (all on the second Saturday of the month); 10:00-15:15

Apply here.
Applications are accepted until 17:00 the day before the tour.

Meet at JR Kaga-Onsen station in Kaga City (加賀温泉駅)

Cost: ¥2,500 per person
(Includes: Lunch, boat ride, temple fees, tea ceremony, entry to Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Kutaniyaki Pottery, and taxi fare from Kaga Onsen Station to Daishoji.)

Tour schedule:
10:00 JR Kaga-Onsen station (Taxi)
10:15 Riverboat tour (30 minute walk)
11:30 Zenshoji (10 minute walk)
12:10 Lunch (Japanese restaurant “Ban-Tei”)
*Enjoy traditional food once served to the lord during formal events.
13:10 Tea ceremony experience at Renkoji
14:10 Ishikawa Prefecture Kutaniyaki Art Museum
15:15 JR Daishoji station
*Tour ends at JR Daishoji station, not Kaga-Onsen station.
Inform us in advance if you have dietary restrictions.

More information from Eye on Kanazawa (English).

And from the 加賀市や地域の国際交流を推進する・・・NPO法人たぶんかネット加賀 Kaga Multicultural Network blog (Japanese).



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