Kanazawa Forus gets LUSH

by guest writer Emily Hutchinson, ALT, Kanazawa

Let’s face it, living and working abroad can be stressful at times. I think we’ve all had those days where we just want to come home to a warm bath and crash early. It is for this reason that I was so excited to hear that a new LUSH store was opening right here in Kanazawa.

Founded in the U.K., Lush is a company famous for its fresh, handmade, organic bath and body products. They are committed to quality and put a friendly face on their products – literally. If you turn over a bottle or tub of their products, you will see a sticker with a picture of the person who manufactured and the date it was made.

Whether you are looking for a face cream, cuticle butter, bath bomb, lip balm, salt scrub, or other miscellaneous body care product, you are guaranteed to find quality here. Some of their most popular products include their shampoo bars, bath bombs, and organic soaps, to name a few. It should also be noted that all Lush products are vegetarian, and products which are vegan are clearly marked. Ingredients can be found on in English and Latin on their English-language websites.

Solid Shampoos at Lush Japan

Their products are amazing and work like a dream. Many products are multi-functional for total body care. Your skin, and/or hair, will feel amazing and smell wonderful after using Lush.

As a die-hard “Lushie,” I feel I must temper all this praise with a few warnings:

1. Be prepared to spend a little bit more than you would elsewhere. Their products are handmade and first-rate, so their prices are a bit high. Lush products are a treat, not necessarily a part of your daily ritual.

2. While their products smell lovely, walking into the store can be overwhelming. Their scents cannot help but fill the air. Sometimes you can find a small shaker with coffee beans in the store. If everything is starting to smell the same, shake the beans under your nose to help kick-start those olfactory synapses again.

3. Lush avoids the use of harsh chemicals and preservatives, so be aware that some products will require refrigeration. Make sure that you properly store things according to their instructions. When in doubt, check their English websites.

4. Once you have used Lush products, it is hard to resist them in the future. I know this first-hand.

That said, I highly recommend checking out the new LUSH location in Kanazawa Forus. The store will be opening on March 12, 2010, and can be found on the first floor (by the rear escalator, across from The Body Shop). Until then, feel free to browse their multinational websites and check out their products at http://www.lush.com.


2 thoughts on “Kanazawa Forus gets LUSH

  1. I just moved here for study and am so glad to know there is a store close by, the shipping when I was in Naeba was killing me!

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