Foreign Cookery Lessons

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The following is a guest post by Jess, an ALT living in Kanazawa.  She also runs the Chuhi Chic blog listed on the side bar under our “Friends” category.  Thanks, Jess!

Ever tasted the delights of foreign food and wondered how it was made?  Well now’s the time to learn!  Kanazawa is home to a diverse foreign community and there is an opportunity to to meet other foreigners and cook in an informal environment. Yoko’s cookery classes run on a Sunday every month.  See below for the next 3 lessons:

Sunday 28th March – Green tea ceremony and pot luck lunch –¥500
Green tea ceremony from 10-11.30 then everyone brings in any type of food they want (portions for 3 or 4) .  Lunch from 12pm followed by some games.

Sunday April 18th- Iranian cooking class – ¥500 foreigners/¥1000 Japanese

Sunday May 16th- Romanian cooking class – ¥500 foreigners/¥1000 Japanese

Call or email Yoko (English okay) for further details or to register: 090-8265-0283;  kawamori (d0t) 3 (at) ezweb (dot) ne (dot) jp

Editor’s Note: Cooking classes are located just a few blocks behind Kourinbo 109, in Kanazawa.  The classes are pretty casual, and it’s a fun environment and a great chance to get to know some other foreigners in the area!  No cooking experience necessary, and since each lesson is taught by a different person, the experience is really different for each event.

If you’re interested in cooking, I’m sure Yoko would be excited for you to teach something from your own country as well!


2 thoughts on “Foreign Cookery Lessons

  1. Well, it depends on where you live and your Japanese language ability. ABC Cooking Studio is a national chain of cooking studios. There is one in Kanazawa at the M’Za building near Omicho. I believe these are all in Japanese, and they seem to be a series of classes.

    Sometimes international friendship circles do Japanese cooking lessons. It’s hard to say since I don’t know your location or profession, but someone in your area–a CIR, ALT, or someone who works or volunteers at an international organization should know. Hope this helps!

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