Ishikawa AJET’s Casino Royale

Coming to you with another exciting, themed charity event – Ishikawa AJET presents the 2010 Casino Royale Event! Come dressed in semi-formal attire or pay a 500yen penalty. Let’s keep it James Bond-classy so suit up!

Try your luck at Texas Hold’em, Black Jack, Roulette, and Bingo (for the gambling-impaired).

If you are one of the top three chip leaders Lady Luck has blessed – your choice of top prize is up for grabs!

There will be a 2500yen entry fee which covers for your two hour nomihoudai and finger foods. You can buy chips in increments of 100yen throughout the night. So maybe after a few drinks you’ll get a little riskay.



7 thoughts on “Ishikawa AJET’s Casino Royale

  1. The area leader in-charge wanted a night of glamour and poker, so she’s worked really hard to make it happen. I think it will turn out to be an awesome event!

  2. Hopefully that’s fixed now — the upcoming events calendar on the blog is a Google Calendar that has to go through a separate RSS feed (since WordPress doesn’t support Google Calendars directly). Anyway, I’ve updated the Google Calendar, but I’m not sure how that will affect what shows up on the blog… This thing is a work in progress šŸ™‚

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