“Kimodameshi: Taro’s Test of Courage” in Hakusan!

A message from our friendly neighborhood Gart!

For those of you who haven’t heard of the Osugi Musical Theatre, it is a children’s troupe started by a former Ishikawa JET in Komatsu, Gart Westerhout. Children at heart (adults) are also needed for the cast and crew. You’d be surprised how many of your students and their families are involved! Current JETs have gotten involved with performing, stage help, and English coaching for when this biligual group takes the show on the road. Gart and crew are always happy to welcome new volunteers into the Osugi family if you want to get involved. This past year’s show is based on this idea:
Greetings! Osugi Musical Theatre will perform its original kyogen musical “Kimodameshi: Taro’s Test of Courage” on Saturday Feb 13 at 7:30 pm at the Gakushu Center in Hakusan City, a three minute walk from JR Matto Eki [across the street from the International Salon, attached to the Matto Library]. Only 100 seats in the hall, so book soon, and please tell whoever you can about it [Including Tonya]. Details here – http://osugimusicaltheatre.com The show is a comedy with 16 songs and runs about an hour – good fun for all!  Help us fill the theatre and enjoy an evening of community theatre! Who knows, you may even be inspired to join our haiku musical slated for this fall!

PS – just starting publicity now, so 100 seats still available. :) please do help with PR, much appreciated.  Please forward this to everyone in the universe!!!



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