Share Your JET Stories

Photo: Steph & Adam

One of the current Ishikawa JETs is putting together a book about JET stories, in an effort to demystify what it is to be a JET.  Remember back to when you were thinking about joining JET, or you were wondering what it was like to work at your new school.  If you asked a question at orientation, it was hard to get a good answer because “every situation is different” — and the hard part about that is that it’s true.  Every situation is different — so the hope is to share the stories of a few JETs, so you can get an idea of how that experience might differ.

Have a story you’d like to share?  Funny? Inspirational? Frustrating?  If you have a story you think other JETs should hear, please submit it!

If you do decide to participate, you’ll need to fill out a survey with general information about yourself, submit a story that you don’t mind being published, and you’ll participate in a 10 minute interview in Spring.

For more information, or to contribute your JET story, check out the JET Book Project website.

Questions about the project? Email: jetbookproject [at]

**Note: This book is specifically about the JET experience, so non-JETs will not be able to participate in this project.  Keep your eyes open, though — you never know when she’ll make another book!


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